My Official Un-Official Top 25

Hopefully this will be an official ballot someday…

  1. Wake Forest
  2. Duke
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Connecticut
  6. North Carolina
  7. Syracuse
  8. Louisville
  9. Michigan State
  10. Marquette
  11. Clemson
  12. UCLA
  13. Georgetown
  14. Arizona State
  15. Xavier
  16. Texas
  17. Purdue
  18. Saint Mary’s
  19. Butler
  20. Villanova
  21. Minnesota
  22. Illinois
  23. Florida
  24. Kentucky
  25. California

Just off the list: Washington, Baylor, Memphis, Miami (Fl)

I would love to put Washington in, but couldn’t take a team like Kentucky off who I really like right now. Sadly I feel like I have to put Cal before the Huskies because of that unbearable loss we had, but should we come away with a victory over USC a see us sliding in not only my poll, but the official ones as well. 

A team you may be wondering is completely off the list is Notre Dame. I have a true hatred for Notre Dame football, but have no reason to dislike the basketball, so this is an unbiased opinion. While Luke Harangody is almost a certain lock for the All-American team, I really am not too impressed with the team. Maybe once Harangody completely heals from his injury will we see the team at full force, but right now they are off my list.

Just to mention, Louisville is a team who I have liked all season and had them in my original Final Four. I would have loved to put them higher but their past struggles force them lower. But with Terrence Williams, Edgar Sosa, Earl Clark, and my favorite in Samardo Samuels, they are still a team who I think could be cutting down the net come early April. While their win over Pitt makes me seem like someone making up some garbage to sound smart, it was the way they beat Pitt that really impressed me. The fact they were able to come from behind against the #1 team the way they did says a lot about their talent. Playing in the Big East will be tough all season, but don’t be surprised to see them crack the top-3 at some point.

Although hopefully Washington can match some of their success seeing as Pitino has built some type of pipeline from here to Louisville.


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