Upset Wednesday: Wake Goes Down, NJIT Wins

Evidently I have a curse on my Top 25 as two days after naming Wake Forest as my #1 team, the Demon Deacons go down to a very average Virginia Tech team. Wake Forest was the only remaining team to be undefeated, and it appeared the next significant test would come when they would host #2 Duke next week in a battle for the #1 ranking in the country. But it now appears that Duke will have a strangle hold on the top spot when they arrive in Winston-Salem on the 28th. All that stands in the way is facing a mediocre Maryland team. 

Speaking of Maryland, who would have thought that the significance of a game against Duke would lose so much muster so quickly. It was only a few years ago this one of the fiercest rivalries in College Basketball. Gary Williams has some work to do, he could very well be nearing the end of his Brian Billick Timeframe (a coach who lives off one championship for the rest of his career despite a long stretch of mediocrity). 

The other upset of the day that has somewhat of a Husky tie-in is that New Jersey Institute of Technology ended their 51 game losing streak with a win over Bryant University. If you don’t remember, one of the Huskies first games last year came against NJIT in which Washington handled them 88-47. The game was scene as a positive sign that we could handle the bad teams so easily. Thing is we did not know at the time how bad NJIT actually was, and we saw how the rest of the season played out for the Huskies. 

But Jheryl Wilson paced the Highlanders with 26 points, while Isaiah Wilkerson contributed 14 points in 40 minutes. Interestingly NJIT was able to win despite shooting 36.2 percent from the field, Bryant University countered with 34%.



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