Andy Katz: Washington is Here to Stay

While it was completely obvious it would happen as soon as the final buzzer went off today at Hec Ed, the Huskies are now getting the national media attention that comes with being the team in sole possession of the Pac-10. 

The first article to jump on the Washington bandwagon comes from Andy Katz of ESPN, where he leads off his weekly “What We Learned Saturday” championing the Huskies for their superb playing this season. Katz is someone who talked about the Huskies often as a team that he thought would surprise people this season, but would later call out the Dawgs as the biggest disappointment in the Pac-10 after the infamous Portland-Kansas-Florida stretch. But to his credit he has stuck with the Huskies, giving them a surprising amount of coverage.

Here are some of the highlights of the article…

  • Get to know these Huskies because there’s no reason why they should simply disappear over the next month from the national conversation.
  • “These guys have been on a mission since they were recruited to come here,” Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said by phone late Saturday night. “We were in the Sweet 16 when [the seniors were freshmen], but since then we haven’t been at a high level and they were running out of time.”
  • “Washington is back,” Dentmon said by phone from Seattle. “It’s a new beginning for the Huskies. We’re playing great basketball.”
  • The easy thing would be to fall flat after that disappointment. Instead, the Huskies showed resiliency and swept through the Oregon schools, beat back USC by five (78-73) and outlasted UCLA by 11 for the Huskies’ fifth straight win over the Bruins in Seattle.

Expect more news from the national media to begin trickling in as the season progresses. This coverage could be pivotal in recruiting as coaches can tell recruits that if you come to Washington everyone in the country will know your name. In a recruiting season when Josh Smith’s name is up for grabs, there might not ever be a better season for the media to catch on.

But as a fan it is just nice to see the coverage. It sucks at times being in the Northwest where we get as much coverage as the Scripps National Spelling Bee, but when I see any of my teams in the national news it makes it that much more exciting. It’s always nice to see ESPN break away from their infatuation with Brett Favre and the daily Cowboys drama.


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