Being Facebook Friends With the Huskies Has Benefits

Such as, did Matthew Bryan-Amaning injure his toe in yesterday’s game against UCLA? Here was his status when I logged onto Facebook and saw my news updates…

Matthew is HURTING…i swear my toe is broken…but we got it done n e way…#1 in the pac10 sounds good 2 me!!

If so, this is the first time I have broken any type of Husky basketball news before the big guys. Beating out the relentless Bob Condotta might become one of my greatest accomplishments if this ends up being true. Hopefully it isn’t because losing MBA for next weeks games would hurt our inside game (especially with the monster that is Jordan Hill ready to play next week), but what the hell, I’m breaking some type of news and its cool.

If this trend continues, this blog may have a short life because ESPN will want someone who breaks real news before Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen continue to make up fake stories to be the “first ones” to report them.

But I hope MBA recovers quickly, we got a first place standing to defend.



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2 responses to “Being Facebook Friends With the Huskies Has Benefits

  1. Labor Law

    A new reader here-

    Congratulations! You officially beat Condotta on this one.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. You did beat Bob to it… Thank god the X-Rays were negative! Nice work. I like the blog.

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