Recruit Watch: C.J. Wilcox

Figured I would look up current and possible Husky recruits at random times. Not only am I interested, but obviously you guys (of the few that have visited so far in the early stages of this blog) should be; seeing as these kids are are the future of the program.

Why not start off the series with a guy who could end up being the “Bobby Jones” or “Justin Holiday” of the class; in other words the recruit who gets little press but makes a significant impact on the program. May I add that researching C.J. Wilcox is making me incredibly excited about his future.

I remember when C.J. committed to Lorenzo Romar, and just how little fan fare there was to the news. In the world of recruiting, all that matters to the short minded people are stars. Stars, stars, stars. Read message boards and you can even see members posting requests for more stars to be added to a certain player’s profile. My reaction to that is…

What the fuck?

Sorry about the language to anyone who finds it unnecessary, but I want this blog to be one where it’s a relaxed atmosphere. Anyway, I could care less about stars, all I want to know is how that kid is going to produce on the court. 

One of my all time favorite Huskies is Will Conroy. To begin his college career he had to walk-on just to have a spot on a college team. In terms of stars, he was probably as significant to recruiting analysts as Jim Sorgi is to the Indianapolis Colts. This is the same guy who would become Washington’s all-time assist leader and the glue of the Washington teams that put us in the position we are in today.

Wilcox is a kid who in the beginning did not have the stars fans would like, but he gives the Huskies exactly what they need for next season. If I had to give stars to someone, I could see myself rating Wilcox as a better player than what recruiting sites rate him as most definitely. I’ll offer some proof later on…

But for next season Wilcox could come in right away and become our best shooter. For a team that is losing their most trusty long bomber in Justin Dentmon, there might not be a better time unless you want to see Joe Wolfinger logging in 10 minutes a game. While right now the Huskies are seventh in the Pac-10 in three point shooting, next year we could see the team near the top of the conference. Wilcox, Elston Turner, Isaiah Thomas, and Scott Suggs all look like guys who will be high percentage shooters — with Wilcox being the best of the bunch.

If there is need for evidence, Wilcox’s performance for his high school team is all you need (or this video, the breathtaking jumper starts about a minute in) to realize the talent this kid has. 

Here are the majority of his games in scoring: 24, 24, 25, 39, 20, 19, 29, 26, 32

A few of the games I wasn’t able to locate stats, and he only threw up one stinker of all the other ones I saw with a six point effort. But seeing those stats make me question whether or not he played the whole game. If a 19 point game is the worst we can expect from him, let me borrow a line from Keith Jackson and say “whoa nelly.”

I found a little write-up on his last game when he went for 24 from the Salt Lake Tribune. Here’s some highlights…

The dramatic LeSean Wilcox three-pointer to tie it, C.J. Wilcox’s usual clutch performance and stifling defense in overtime were all well and good for Pleasant Grove in its 62-57 victory over Lehi Friday night.

Whoa. Stifling defense as well? All I heard about Wilcox was the scoring and long range distance, but seeing as how important defense has been to this Husky team this is nothing but a positive sign.

After C.J. Wilcox twisted his ankle on the opening tip, Pleasant Grove struggled early, managing just four points in the opening quarter, but rallied upon his return in the second period to take a 21-18 halftime lead.

Shows just how important C.J. is to his Pleasant Grove team. In fact it is quite astonishing that one player could have an impact like that. Four points?

“When C.J. went out, there went our first set of plays,” Head Coach Randy McAllister said. “The players looked at me and asked `What do we do now?’ I told them to play basketball.”

The quote speaks for itself. Honestly, I was already excited about the potential the C.J. would bring to the team next year. Upon finding this I’m trying to figure out just how Romar will be able to keep him out of the rotation.

But it’s a nice image to think about… Abdul Gaddy driving the lane, only to kick it out to C.J. Wilcox in the corner for a three ball that creates such a loud “swish” noise that it rings through the opponents head the rest of the game.

See ya when you get here C.J.


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  1. Joe_L

    Very good article, Bro, but I have a tough time with swear words. My Father’s generation has a tough time with me saying the word “suck”. To many of them, it is a very profane word. To me, it has none of that. Makes me scratch my head. To your generation, F-Bombs don’t seem to be a big deal. To me, when I was younger, if someone dropped an F-Bomb at me I would be in their face and not back down. This probably just makes you chuckle and scratch your head. Please keep this in mind with your readership. There are some old farts like me reading this.

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