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Post-Game Reaction: Oregon (Game 2)

This game was an obvious win for the Huskies before the game, at the beginning of the game, in the middle of the game, and at the end of the game. There was never any question that the Dawgs would not come away with the win against the hapless Ducks.

The game featured prolific scoring from Justin Dentmon, Isaiah Thomas, Jon Brockman, and Quincy Pondexter. All four are the main glue guys on the team who should be the ones producing the most, so it is nice to see all four of them scoring efficiently this late in the season in the middle of a Pac-10 title race. All four were able to score over 20 points, which may be a first in Husky history according to the stat people.

The first half for the Dawgs was about as well played as you can get. The second, err; not as much. Allowing over 80 points to the Ducks when you had allowed just over 20 in the first half is inexcusable.

Of course Tajuan Porter became ridiculous in the second, but there is still no way that Oregon should have finished with 84 points when they only scored 25. A problem for the team this year is that they have not played an effective “40 minutes of basketball” consistently, so seeing the second half struggles may be a little cause of concern here in the stretch run for the conference title.

Detmon should win Pac-10 Player-of-the-Week for his efforts. He shot efficiently, found players for assists, and nailed the long ball at a high percentage in both games. Of course Arizona is scorching at the moment, so Nic Wise or Jordan Hill could come in and take it at the last second.


Next up we have the LA area schools, and a win over UCLA would be absolutely huge towards winning the conference title. USC is losing its chance at the title after falling to ASU tonight, so a loss there would not be devastating. The Dawgs need to come away with at least one victory though. It is one of those situations where you would take a split in a nano-second.


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Oregon Live Game Blog

2:14- 103-84 Final, four Huskies with over 20 points.

2:08- Game finally getting back into the same flow it was earlier, 100-77 Huskies.

1:56- Weird second half, only a fifteen point lead right now, led by Tajuan Porter, 83-68 Huskies.

1:45- Oregon has made their last four three point attempts, it would be nice to see a better perimeter defense for the Huskies. 70-52 Huskies.

1:38- One of those strange halves when Oregon is playing well enough to keep up with the Dawgs but make no damage done in the score. They have begun pressing a lot more when Washington brings up the ball and when they cross the half-court line which has caused some turnovers, but overall it the Huskies still keeping a comfortable lead.

1:17- To start the half, Brockman lays down a sick spin move on Michael Dunigan for a nice lay in. 51-25 Huskies.

1:00- Dentmon then hits a buzzer beater at the half on a beautiful runner. 49-25 Huskies at the half.

12:58- Dentmon throws down a dunk after stealing the ball. I don’t remember the last time Dentmon dunked a ball, perhaps a symbol of his senior season. Turner then draws a foul and hits 1-2 for a 47-23 Husky lead.

12:56- Venoy hits an awkward runner that falls through the net after an Oregon three.

12:54- Perhaps a symbol for the type of game Oregon is having, Tajuan Porter misses both free throws when he was a 91% shooter.

12:47- Huskies on a long scoring run right now, have taken complete control of the game with a 38-19 lead.

12:40- THIS is why College Basketball is the best. Isaiah leads an absolute sick offensive trip down the court in which every player touches the ball and ends with Dentmon hitting a three. Then after forcing another turnover, Quincy hits a long two. ALl the momentum has been with the Huskies the entire game, 32-16 Huskies.

12:35- Romar calls a timeout after a quick four point swing that featured an ugly turnover by Isaiah. 25-16 Huskies.

12:30- Venoy finds Dentmon for a three after losing control for a bit, 21-8 Huskies.

12:24- Dentmon saves the ball from going out of bounds to find Justin Holiday on the base line on an awesome pass, Holiday heads to the line and hits 1-2, 15-8 Huskies.

12:20- On the other end Venoy finds Brockman on an awesome pass with the chance for an And-1, converts for a 14-4 Husky lead.

12:18- Nice post move by Amaning with the shot at the And-1, converts for a 11-4 Husky lead.

12:14- Big deal of the day is that UCLA has lost to Arizona down in Tucson, with a win Huskies firmly in first place.

12:12- Huskies dominating so far, led by Thomas and Dentmon’s teamwork. 8-0 Huskies.

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Stanford Live Game Blog

4:30- After two pointless baskets, UW wins the game 75-68. Venoy, Quincy, and Isaiah were all HUGE today. Especially Venoy, I’ll give him my POTG right now.

4:28- Pondexter nails 1-2, Stanford misses two three point attempts. Venoy now headed to the line with 16 seconds left in the game and up by ten.

4:27- Venoy makes an excellent move after UW milks the clock and nails a runner to put the Huskies up by nine at 72-63. Looks like the streak is over!

4:25- Venoy misses 1-1, but Brockman secures rebound and hands off to Dentmon who gets fouled. Now in the double bonus. Dentmon hits both, seven point lead.

4:23- Thomas HUGE basket after a double clutch. Stanford misses three twice, UW ball, five point lead.

4:22- Bad turnover on inbounds pass, Landry Fields hits a shot on the other end. Three point game. Huskies NEED a basket.

4:18- Q hits two big free throws, back to a six point lead. Need a stop.

4:15- After forcing a turnover, Dentmon takes hurried shot that leads to huge dunk for Stanford. Four point game.

4:13- Lots of turnovers for the Huskies, Stanford has cut the lead to five. Gant makes a 15 footer, 64-57 Huskies.

4:05- On missed Elston Turner three, Quincy gets a rebound a heads to the line and nails both. 58-48 Huskies. Huge play by Q.

4:04- Stanford making a bit of a run, now 56-48 game on a 7-0 Stanford run.

3:57- MBA suddenly makes two nice baskets, and two nice rebounds that lead to baskets. 54-41 Huskies.

3:52- Venoy just playing extremely well today, really pushing the ball. However MBA missed another open shot and is now 0-5. 48-38 Huskies.

3:42- Dentmon picks up two really quick fouls to have four. There have been a ton of fouls called already, fifth already with only three minutes into the half. 42-34 Huskies.

3:21- Brockman nails two FT’s to put the Huskies up 35-34 at halftime. Venoy and Quincy playing incredible today.

3:16- Venoy with an excellent move through traffic with a sick lay in, Huskies take the lead, but is immediately matched by a three on the other side. 32-31 Stanford.

3:12- MBA just can not get it going of late. I believe he is 0-4 today, just seems out of touch. Would be huge if he could get it going to create another low post threat so some pressure is taken off Brockman. 29-29 heading into a break.

3:09- Huskies have been playing very well defensively ever since Venoy has gotten it going, 29-27 Stanford.

3:04- Bit of a run now lead by Pondexter who has eleven. Thomas just made a lay-in and has an and-1 opportunity. Misses the FT (0-3 today), 25-21 Stanford.

2:59- Huskies are not looking good right now, lots of hurried shots, poor defense, and little boxing out. 21-15 Stanford.

2:48- Somehow we miss a 5-1 opportunity that turns into an uncontested dunk on the other side. 12-11 Stanford.

2:44- First break in the action, game is tied at nine. Seems like Stanford has an answer for each positive thing made by UW. Need to get that defense going right now as well as finding Brockman down low.

2:42- Dentmon with a HUGE block with Isaiah heading to the line after the turnover. Justin jumped incredibly high for that. However Isaiah misses both FT’s. 7-4 Huskies.

2:41- Pondexter now nails a three on his second shot, Quincy playing well could be huge. 7-4 Huskies

2:40- Pondexter nails a jumper in his first shot of the day, UW leads 4-2

2:37- Huskies win tip-off, with Dentmon making an awkward shot. Good to start the game off well, with a turnover on Stanford’s first possession.

2:32- Waiting for tip off, big game for the Dawgs today.

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Facebook Helps Again

According to Joe Wolfinger’s Facebook status, he apparently wants out. More on this when I actually find his Facebook.

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Pac-10 Mid-Season Awards

So following in the footsteps of about every other Pac-10 writer this week, I’m going to put out a mid-season award list. It’s incredibly copy cat of me as I continue to do my best impersonation of a legit beat writer, but of course hopefully with a little more flair and fun to the information. 

And come on… how many of these beat writers say “fuck” and “damn” in their postings? I’m definitely doing a weak impersonation cause otherwise it would not be as fun to write this stuff without throwing a little flavor of myself in the posts to keep them casual.

I’m going to try and approach this as unbiased as possible, but I’m sure there will be plenty of Husky mentions. That ought to come with the fact we are tied for first place in the conference anyway.

So here’s the awards…

Player of the Year: Jordan Hill, Arizona

This is an unconventional pick for POY so far as I have not seen any of the beat writers pick Hill as their winner. If Arizona had not struggled out of the gate then we would probably see him on a lot more lists as the favorite. Right now Hill is third in the conference scoring, first in rebounding, first in offensive rebounding, seventh in field goal percentage, second in blocked shots, and has played the seventh most minutes in the conference. 

If it wasn’t for Hill, Arizona very well could be in the area of Stanford and Oregon State. But this kid has elevated his game to the next level, and by all signs has started a fierce Arizona turnaround that I now could see the Wildcats making the tournament at the end of the year. 

He does everything you would want a guy for his size and position to do for the team, and does them all incredibly well. That isn’t saying the other guys on the list I considered are not similar to Hill in that way, but right now it just seems like Hill is at a whole different level.

Of course if probably doesn’t hurt his cause that the last time I saw him play he was laying down 18 (on 7-9 shooting) and 9 in some clutch minutes against the Dawgs. 

I may be projecting more of what I think will happen at the end of the year, but Hill’s stats don’t lie and he is definitely earned being given the title halfway through the season. 

Following Hill I would put Darren Collison second, Justin Dentmon third, and James Harden fourth. Harden was my pick at the beginning of the year and someone who I thought would be first or second team All-American; ASU will need to pick it up in order for that to happen but I don’t like their chances down the stretch.

Coach of the Year: Craig Robinson, Oregon State

He’s the logical pick after Cal and Mike Montgomery began it’s long fall from grace since defeating UW in triple OT’s. But it is not just because of Cal’s decline he gets the award. Just compare the outlook of of OSU from last year to this year.

Robinson has righted the ship in terms of player character so far this year. As a Husky fan it is not unfair to remember OSU last year mostly for when their team was calling out the UW players for a throw down. I have not heard of one character problem out of Corvallis yet this year. He should be applauded for that.

But more impressively, Obama’s brother-in-law (the first, and last time I will ever mention that. If he is to ever meet me I’m sure he will be grateful for it) has turned the dreadful program into actually… respectable. Rolling on a four game win streak, the Beavers actually look like they belong in a BCS conference for basketball compared to previous team’s embarrassments.

Look for him to keep it up as well as he has become a hit with recruits.

Freshman of the Year: Isaiah Thomas, Washington

Explanation not needed. The consensus pick thank god.

Most Improved Player: Justin Dentmon, Washington

Basically the fact that I was trying to find a way for him not to be in the starting lineup last spring, to the point where he is now clipping the heels to be my conference player of the year? Yea, he’s made an improvement.

I’ve stated my pride for Justin in some past writings, so I’ll make this brief.

I have never seen a player make such a transformation under so much scrutiny like Dentmon has made. This award will not only represent the positive changes he has made on the court, but the amazing attitude this kid carries with him. When he leaves Washington, he will leave fans remembering all the positives that he brought to the program. That speaks volumes considering where he was his sophomore and junior years.

First Team All-Pac-10

Guards: Justin Dentmon (UW), Isaiah Thomas (UW), Darren Collison (UCLA), James Harden (ASU), Josh Shipp (UCLA)

Forwards/Centers: Jon Brockman (UW), Jordan Hill (UA), Jeff Pendegraph (ASU), Taj Gibson (USC), Chase Budinger (UA)

Second Team All-Pac-10

Guards: Jerome Randle (Cal), Calvin Haynes (OSU), Daniel Hackett (USC)

Forwards/Centers: Patrick Christopher (Cal), Lawrence Hill (Stan)

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ESPN: Growing Up Gaddy, Findlay Prep

Was rummaging through some sites and fell upon ESPN and a story they did on Abdul Gaddy about a month ago. Strange that I never found the story before or saw a link on it from some other places.

Pretty much it does a nice job on covering Gaddy and his path towards achieving his basketball success.

If you can’t tell by the fact that Gaddy already inherits the banner on this blog (although the fact that it is a sick picture and looked pretty damn awesome with the photoshop changes to it helped), I’m incredibly excited about the potential that he will bring to the program. I have never been a fan of Bellarmine Prep (alright, I hate them), one of the two main rivals of my former High School, my Husky passion overrides my hatred for that school and so I root for Gaddy these days. The second he steps off that court in his final game I can not wait to see the program fall flat on it’s face.

Here’s some tidbits from the story…

Rated the No. 2 point guard and No. 14 overall recruit in the ESPNU 100, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Gaddy committed to Washington after de-committing from Arizona in October. Last year, he became the first underclassman in Washington to win Gatorade State Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors after averaging 23.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game to help lead the Lions to the Class 4A state semifinals.

Gaddy was truly amazing last year, especially in the state tournament. Against my school last year (Gig Harbor), Gaddy put up over 40 points, 10 assists, and some steals all on great shooting percentages. If it had not been for the power that was Ferris, Bellarmine would have taken state no question.

As a self-imposed rule, Gaddy must make 10 3-pointers in a row before he heads home for the day, and there have been plenty of times he’s missed after nailing nine straight. He’s often tempted to cut out after making 90 percent from beyond the arc, but then he thinks about his biggest fan

Great to hear this, especially the fact that we lose one of our best three point shooters in Dentmon next year. Paired with Elston Turner and Isaiah, Gaddy should fit in nicely in terms of shooting.

It just might take a little longer for him than it will for others in his position. Since he skipped a grade, Gaddy won’t turn 19 until January 2011, meaning he’ll have to go to college for at least two years to be eligible for the NBA Draft.

“I really don’t mind,” Gaddy says. “I think it will just give me another year of experience to mature and help me become a man. Then I’ll be even more ready when I go to the NBA.”

!!! (really all that is necessary, quote speaks for itself)


Next on the agenda is another article from ESPN. The story is on Findlay Prep, a prep school in Nevada that has quickly become a national powerhouse in basketball after only three years of existence. 

The first connection to UW is that Husky commit Clarence Trent (and former classmate of mine) attended the school last year before transferring to Patterson School in North Carolina. I was unaware why he left the program because he improved his game incredibly compared to his last year at Gig Harbor — but because he was a fifth year senior the school was ineligible to be in National Rankings, so the coach simply let Clarence go.

The second connection is that Gaddy’s former teammate Avery Bradley is now the star there after transferring to Findlay this fall. He was once recruited by Lorenzo but elected to attend Texas, a commit I expected from the beginning as it was known Bradley was infatuated with the Longhorn program.

Both are interesting reads, so take a look.

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Condotta’s Mid-Season Awards

Bob put out what his mid-season awards would be after we hit the halfway point in the Pac-10 season this weekend.

He picks Darren Collison as his POTY, which obviously brings up a lot of discussion (as it should any other year.)

But here’s the link to read on more about the awards and his reasoning to give the award to Collison over Dentmon, Harden, and a few others…


I guess I’ll borrow the idea from Bob and put out my picks tomorrow. Just like how he borrowed my news about MBA’s toe injury.


I’m so damn proud of that moment; however it has not reached the level of being shameful yet. Expect a few more gloats about the fact I broke that incredibly minor news.

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