Huskies 22nd in AP, 25th in Coaches

Washington moved up one spot in the AP rankings and made their first appearance in the coaches poll after splitting games in Arizona. 

Right now I think they have the Huskies right where they should be, but one can only wonder how high we would have been had our defense had not fallen apart against Arizona. We are probably talking top-15 seeing as how many ranked teams went down last week.

We have yet another change at the top though, and don’t be surprised if Oklahoma takes the top spot next week. Connecticut faces the incredibly talented Louisville Cardinals this tonight, so their stay at the top could last only a few hours long. Meanwhile Oklahoma plays an average Texas A&M and a pushover in Colorado. 

Other random thoughts, thank god Notre Dame is finally out. I have pegged them as a fraud this entire year (although playing in the Big East does not help at all), and my hatred for that school will always celebrate seeing them failing. Intriguing team though in LSU who is beginning to earn some votes (although playing in the SEC helps a lot… see what I did there?). Trent Johnson is going to turn that into quite the program and make them a tournament lock every year in my opinion. Essentially the Tigers are ranked #30 right now.

It’s strange, but no SEC team is in the top-25 after Kentucky was dropped. So much for the power of the BCS schools.


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