ESPN: Growing Up Gaddy, Findlay Prep

Was rummaging through some sites and fell upon ESPN and a story they did on Abdul Gaddy about a month ago. Strange that I never found the story before or saw a link on it from some other places.

Pretty much it does a nice job on covering Gaddy and his path towards achieving his basketball success.

If you can’t tell by the fact that Gaddy already inherits the banner on this blog (although the fact that it is a sick picture and looked pretty damn awesome with the photoshop changes to it helped), I’m incredibly excited about the potential that he will bring to the program. I have never been a fan of Bellarmine Prep (alright, I hate them), one of the two main rivals of my former High School, my Husky passion overrides my hatred for that school and so I root for Gaddy these days. The second he steps off that court in his final game I can not wait to see the program fall flat on it’s face.

Here’s some tidbits from the story…

Rated the No. 2 point guard and No. 14 overall recruit in the ESPNU 100, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Gaddy committed to Washington after de-committing from Arizona in October. Last year, he became the first underclassman in Washington to win Gatorade State Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors after averaging 23.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game to help lead the Lions to the Class 4A state semifinals.

Gaddy was truly amazing last year, especially in the state tournament. Against my school last year (Gig Harbor), Gaddy put up over 40 points, 10 assists, and some steals all on great shooting percentages. If it had not been for the power that was Ferris, Bellarmine would have taken state no question.

As a self-imposed rule, Gaddy must make 10 3-pointers in a row before he heads home for the day, and there have been plenty of times he’s missed after nailing nine straight. He’s often tempted to cut out after making 90 percent from beyond the arc, but then he thinks about his biggest fan

Great to hear this, especially the fact that we lose one of our best three point shooters in Dentmon next year. Paired with Elston Turner and Isaiah, Gaddy should fit in nicely in terms of shooting.

It just might take a little longer for him than it will for others in his position. Since he skipped a grade, Gaddy won’t turn 19 until January 2011, meaning he’ll have to go to college for at least two years to be eligible for the NBA Draft.

“I really don’t mind,” Gaddy says. “I think it will just give me another year of experience to mature and help me become a man. Then I’ll be even more ready when I go to the NBA.”

!!! (really all that is necessary, quote speaks for itself)


Next on the agenda is another article from ESPN. The story is on Findlay Prep, a prep school in Nevada that has quickly become a national powerhouse in basketball after only three years of existence. 

The first connection to UW is that Husky commit Clarence Trent (and former classmate of mine) attended the school last year before transferring to Patterson School in North Carolina. I was unaware why he left the program because he improved his game incredibly compared to his last year at Gig Harbor — but because he was a fifth year senior the school was ineligible to be in National Rankings, so the coach simply let Clarence go.

The second connection is that Gaddy’s former teammate Avery Bradley is now the star there after transferring to Findlay this fall. He was once recruited by Lorenzo but elected to attend Texas, a commit I expected from the beginning as it was known Bradley was infatuated with the Longhorn program.

Both are interesting reads, so take a look.


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  1. Labor Law

    Interesting stories. I never saw a link to these stories anywhere either. Kinda weird.

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