The Tyreese Breshers Possibilities

When Tyreese Breshers steps onto the court for the first time in his college career, it will be the second consecutive year a Washington freshman will be playing with the title “redshirt” attached to his name. Unlike football, it is extremely rare for basketball coaches to ever redshirt a player unless it is absolutely necessary. Darnell Gant two seasons ago was somewhat of a rarity in the college basketball world in that he elected to redshirt without any academic or injury problems. Breshers fits more of the classic basketball redshirt in that he suffered shin problems throughout the year which made the idea of redshirting attractive.

What will be important for the Huskies is how Breshers will respond once he plays his first organized basketball game in almost two years.

Unlike Darnell Gant last season, it is unlikely that Breshers will earn a starting spot for the Huskies. Gant cemented his status as a starter by providing great post defense and a knack to hit the fifteen foot jumper (as detailed in the previous post). But if there was ever a year for Breshers to come into a season with four years of eligibility remaining, this would be the ideal situation.

Losing Jon Brockman to graduation would hurt any team in respect to hustle and rebounding. Breshers is in the Brockman mold not just because of his rabid style of play, but his body resembles the same short and stocky build Brockman has for a power forward (in fact they are listed exactly the same height and weight on the team roster).

Lorenzo Romar went as far as to compare Breshers to Charles Barkley during the signing day press conference that announced the 2007 class to the media.

If Breshers can resemble anything that Barkley was able to accomplish during his tenure at Auburn, well, lets just hope that can happen because there will be a National Championship banner to be raised at Hec Edmundson Pavilion in the near future. A more realistic comparison may be the former outstanding rebounder that was Udonis Haslem at Florida. It is unlikely he will score as much as Haslem was able to accomplish as a Gator, but being able to achieve Haslem’s career average of 6.4 RPG would be instrumental for the growth of the Washington program.

Realistically Breshers will most likely be the second or third man off the bench. Venoy Overton cemented his status as the sixth man at the end of the season and during the NCAA Tournament for his defensive prowess and increased scoring production. It will likely come down to either Breshers or Charles Garcia Jr. to see who the first big man will be to relieve Gant or Matthew Bryan-Amaning.

Next season what should be expected from Breshers is that he contributes off the bench by providing his strong rebounding prowess and being a firecracker in terms of effort. With Bryan-Amaning’s reputation as being inconsistent and tendency to disappear during games, Breshers is the exact person Romar will want to sub in to provide some life to the Husky lineup.

With the combination of Overton and Breshers providing the tenacious mindset for the Huskies, Washington fans should be prepared to make Hec Ed one of the true home court advantages in the country.


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