Pondexter Invited to USA University Tryouts

Quincy Pondexter was announced as one of the 15 finalists to earn a spot on the 2009 USA Men’s World University Games team that will play from July 2-12.

The head coach of the team, Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, is going to name 12 players onto the roster out of the 15 invited.

This recognition by the USA selection committee (which Lorenzo Romar helps run) is an example of the attention that Pondexter and the Washington team is beginning to receive as it continues to build into a consistent program. The players invited includes big names such as Sherron Collins, Lazar Hayward, Robbie Hummel, and THE Jarvis Varnado (As MSU fans would refer to him, that guy was played up like the second coming of Wilt before the opening round).

Another honor for Pondexter is that out of everyone on this list, he is the only one to be named from the western part of the country. So an impressive achievement for Pondexter for being the only invitee out of guys like Tajuan Porter, Jerome Randle, and other Pac-10 stars.


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