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Should Jrue Holiday Stay in the Draft…

Now honestly, I do not care for the NBA in any sense after the disturbing exit of the Sonics from Seattle. Even before the exit of my hometown team I was growing frustrated with the lack of effort, style of play, incredibly overdone entertainment aspects, and many other things. I will stop short just because I could go on forever about my frustrations with what could be the greatest in the world.

One of the few things that the NBA has made positive change to was their draft requirement change, essentially forcing prospects to attend college for a year. While the likes of Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler have earned attention for going to Europe to avoid college and play professionally, overall the college game is receiving prospects such as Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose to come for a year and making the college basketball season that much more incredible as opposed to never coming.

It can be said that the one year removed rule caused for Jrue Holiday to attend UCLA for a season as opposed to heading straight to the NBA. While normally I would not update on the status of a UCLA player, the decision of Holiday to stay or opt out of the draft has a major effect on the Huskies. Continue reading

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