ESPN Gives Huskies “B+” for Recruiting Class

In a recent article from Joel Francisco on, the recruiting classes of the Pac-10 were graded with the Huskies receiving a “B+” for their four man roundup.

The big get for the Huskies was obviously Abdul Gaddy according to Francisco, which I’m sure bumped up the grade substantially. Bt according to Scouts Inc, Clarence Trent is regarded as a top-100 prospect, also lifting the letter grade a bit higher.

An interesting quote from Francisco regarding Trent was this…

Trent is somewhat of the wildcard of the Husky class. If he shows up during the 2009-10 season determined to take over the paint area for the departed Jon Brockman, Romar should be excited. Trent can be an inside force and a standout in the Pac-10 if he plays to his strength. However, in the past year he has shown a greater tendency to launch ill-advised 3-pointers which has made him much less effective.

Personally I do not think that there is anyway Trent gets significant playing time this year. There are a lot of forwards on the roster right now with Charles Garcia, Darnell Gant, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Justin Holiday, Quincy Pondexter, and Tyreese Breshers all taking away possible minutes from Trent at the three and the four. I personally have had the advantage of watching him play on many occasions, and while he has tremendous talent, right now it is very unlikely he “takes over the paint area” for Brockman.

Now if he plays well leading up to the season, of course Romar should give him minutes. But right now that is unlikely, as Francisco is right in Trent taking too many 3-Pointers. Trent is a guy who could really use a year of seasoning and understanding the college game before making a big impact.

Trust me, the ceiling is out of this world for Trent. How high he is willing to go for it is the question. He could become a dominant player if he wanted to for the Huskies if he can utilize his athleticism properly.

Francisco gave UCLA the best overall class, which is hard to dispute. I’ve been able to watch Tyler Honeycutt play once, and the kid is smooth as it gets. Ben Howland got a lot of four year players for his team in this class with Honeycutt, Anthony Stover, and a guy like Reeves Nelson.

The ceiling for the Husky class is hard to match though. In four years it can be said that Washington got two of the best players available in Gaddy and Trent, a tremendous contributor in Garcia for two seasons, and a spot up shooter in C.J. Wilcox that saved a few games for the Dawgs.



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2 responses to “ESPN Gives Huskies “B+” for Recruiting Class

  1. Dawg53

    A lot of people are seriously overlooking what CJ Wallace is going to bring to this team in the next four years. Think Tre Simmons, but with the ability to get to the hoop and a great defensive mindset. Gaddy will be great, but Wallace will be looked on as the real “surprise” find for this class, I have no doubt…

  2. dawgprospect

    Yea I like Wilcox a lot for the Huskies. He’s going to provide excellent three point shooting, his range is absolutely ridiculous.

    But it is always nice to have those shooters on the roster. With Turner and Wilcox on the team, it is going to be a lethal combination.

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