Montlake Fast Break Podcast: Episode #1

I was thinking about more ways to add to the website and I thought that a podcast would be a nice addition to the site. This was an experiment, so take it as it is, but I think this will be a good way to communicate some things that I do not plan on writing for the blog.

I sound pretty tired in the podcast, had a long day of working and playing a game of pickup football with some buddies. So I should have some more energy next time.

But give some comments and any ideas you have!


Evidently the podcast link I had before was not working, try this one, it should be the only podcast listed when you arrive at the link…

New Link



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3 responses to “Montlake Fast Break Podcast: Episode #1

  1. Joe_L

    I like it! Let’s keep doing this. Some advice — don’t put yourself or your abilities down for any reason (tired, etc.). Just deliver the goods. You sound fine.

  2. Paul

    You did a great job. I am an avid listener of Bill Simmon’s podcasts…his most enjoyable podcasts to me are when he has a guest who are both discussing a topic I can relate to. It so resembles a conversation I have with my buddies and I feel a part of it.

    Maybe you have a local Husky b-ball fanatic who would enjoy discussing or even debating some topics with you?

    Just a thought, but I think you did a very good job.

    BTW – Holiday is a junior, not senior – :-). And I noticed you pronounce Amaning’s name differently than how I hear the Foxsports announcers pronounce it. I don’t have a lot of faith in FSN so perhaps you are pronouncing it correctly, but I found that interesting.

    BTW #2 – thanks for devoting time to my thought on a 3 guard line-up…just to clarify – I’m not predicting that, I just think it might make sense sometimes and could be a starting line-up. It seems we all agree on I.T./MBA/QPon and Gaddy…but as for the 5th I really think it will depend on these factors:

    1. Who improves the most in the off-season? If Holiday were a better outside threat I think he deserves consideration. But if Gant isn’t the 5th, that honor could go to Turner or even Suggs depending on how their game develops. Dentmon blew me away with what he accomplished last season, perhaps someone duplicates his commitment.

    2. How good is Garcia? I do agree that it most likely will be Garcia or Gant…but impossible to speculate for me when I’ve never even see Garcia play.

    3. Which 5 provide the best on-court chemistry? I really feel one of Romar’s best coaching skills is finding the ‘right’ 5 guys to put on the floor. Without being at the practices we’ll have no idea.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  3. huskyseoul

    Maybe a Redbull? I’m joking. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the articles you’ve posted in such a short time, especially with the season being over. And now you’ve made it easier that I can just listen to you. How great is that! Thanks for all your work and its great to “see” you’re back.

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