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Huge Storm Brewing in Memphis, Lexington

If you have not heard the news, the Memphis basketball program is facing “major” allegations of fraudulent behavior that occurred during the 2007-2008 season. That season was the year that the Tigers lost the NCAA final in a heartbreaking loss to Kansas, and if the charges prove to be true, the entire season will be wiped from the record books.

The allegations are that someone took an SAT test for a Memphis recruit (widely presumed to be Derrick Rose, Memphis’ star one-and-done player that year).

This is obviously a major violation and the basketball community could see incredible sanctions placed on the Memphis program as well as John Calipari, who left Memphis to take the Kentucky job during the off-season.

The fact that Calipari is now in Lexington creates an interesting dynamic to the story. First, Memphis was notified of an investigation back in January while Calipari was still the head coach of the Tigers. There is absolutely no doubt that the possible sanctions that could be placed on Memphis pushed him even further towards accepting the Kentucky job. Continue reading


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