Jon Brockman Fails to Appear at Combine

An interesting story posted by MedicalDawg on the RealDawg forums, Jon Brockman evidently failed to appear at the NBA combine after accepting the invitation a few weeks ago.

The move comes as a surprise as only players who are considered first round locks decide not to appear at the combine in fear of hurting their stock. So this raises the possibility that the workouts that Brockman has participated in has earned him a promise from a team that he will be their first round pick.

Or as the article points out, Brockman may have earned himself a luxurious contract overseas in Europe.

Either or, it is an interesting development in the process that all Husky basketball fans have been keeping close tabs on. If Brockman has secured a first round promise, than it appears that he has earned a selection no one would have been able to predict and his hardworking attitude was displayed to a very smart team.


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One response to “Jon Brockman Fails to Appear at Combine

  1. HuskySeoul

    Wow, that’s a suprise. Why accept and then show up. I’m assuming it must be good news for him.

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