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What Happens if Josh Smith Commits? *UPDATED WITH GARCIA NEWS*

One aspect of the Desmond Simmons commitment last week was that the news kick started the annual panic among Husky fans about the scholarship situation for the 2010 season. In order for Washington to stay in line with the scholarships in 2010, the Huskies were assumed to only bring in one player to complete the 13 scholarships that are available for basketball.

While there was a good reaction to the news that Lorenzo Romar added a great wing player into the fold, the question on everyone’s mind was, “What about Josh Smith?”

Smith is the top payer in the state for 2010, a top-10 player nationally, and someone who could come in and dominate right away at center for the Huskies. With the general perception that Romar could only fit in one player in the class, it is easy to understand some discomfort that Smith suddenly  has no spot on the Huskies.

But believe me, if Smith wants a spot, there is no doubt that he will be given one from Romar. For the past few years the Huskies have always overbooked on scholarships with the situation working out in the end, for example the Joe Wolfinger transfer this season.

Problem with the scholarship situation for 2010, it is much more difficult to pinpoint who exactly is a candidate to leave for the NBA or transfer. Here’s a look at the 2010 roster with Simmons included…

  1. Charles Garcia Jr, Senior
  2. Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Senior
  3. Venoy Overton, Senior
  4. Justin Holiday, Senior
  5. Darnell Gant, Junior (RS)
  6. Isaiah Thomas, Junior
  7. Elston Turner, Junior
  8. Scott Suggs, Junior
  9. Tyreese Breshers, Junior
  10. Abdul Gaddy, Sophomore
  11. C.J. Wilcox, Sophomore
  12. Clarence Trent, Sophomore
  13. Desmond Simmons, Freshman

The conventional wisdom is that Suggs will transfer after many were disappointed in his performance and seemed to be stuck on the bench his freshman year. I’m not buying it.

Romar has continued to emphasize that the team sees Suggs as a possible All Pac-10 player by his senior year. Suggs should see increased playing time with Dentmon leaving and being arguably the only true shooting guard on the team besides Turner (many see Wilcox as a three). This could all change of course based on his performance next year, but it seemed obvious that Suggs would need some time to season when he signed his letter of intent. I never panicked about his game, and it appears Romar is not either.

There is the possibility Romar knows someone will declare for the draft, and the only people that really seem like the could declare early are Thomas and MBA. Problem is, even out of those two, no one truly stands out as an NBA player on the roster as Gaddy is forced to stay for two years. But Isaiah and MBA are the two that seem to have a chance. Of course everyone anticipated Thomas to be a four year player when he committed because of his height, but a weird string of events occurred last season that seem to be indications Thomas could declare.

One of the first was at one point during the season, reporters began to ask Isaiah about the possibilities he would declare early. Strangely he seemed prepared for the question and gave an answer with a strong indication that the NBA was definitely on his mind. A second clue was at one point on Thomas’ Facebook page, he updated his status as “Declaring for the NBA Draft!” While it was obvious that it was a joke, I don’t think there is any doubt that Thomas knows in his mind he is an NBA player. If he preforms and gains more national fame next season, I don’t think there is any reason to not be surprised to see IT at least see where he stands with the NBA scouts.

MBA on the other hand is a guy who didn’t even start last season, but has the NBA type of body and skill set that would translate well professionally. With MBA likely starting next season, there is the possibility he emerges as a legit post for the Huskies and becomes the strong rebounder and scoring threat Romar saw when recruiting him. At points last season Washington fans saw the talent MBA possesses, if he can completely harness that talent; who wouldn’t want a 6’9″, cut, power forward who has polished post moves and strong rebounding skills.


Since I had the article almost finished, I decided just to let you guys see it as is along with some thoughts on the Garcia situation…

Now that we know that Garcia is indeed the possible attrition that was necessary to get Smith, or any other recruit, under scholarship to join a recruiting class with Desmond Simmons.

It hurts to lose Garcia as it was expected he could play some significant minutes next season, but the Huskies have options in the front court for next season.

The player that will likely have to step the most now with the news Garcia failed to qualify will be my old classmate Clarence. I personally saw him as a guy who was going to see little playing time, possibly redshirt to gain some college experience before achieving significant minutes. But with Garcia now unavailable it will likely open up the door for Clarence for more PT at the four. Gant, Breshers, and MBA will receive the majority of the minutes, but three is not enough as more than likely they will have some foul trouble often during games.

This also brings up the three guard lineup again as Pondexter could now see more time at the four. Garcia’s news only makes it more likely, so continue to ponder the idea of a small, quick lineup for the Huskies next year.

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NBA Draft Live Blog

7:54- Finally can stop watching the draft as Brockman goes to Sacramento. Almost went to Portland but evidently they like Pendergraph was better, and that is ridiculous.

But congrats to Brockman, seeing as many though he would go undrafted at the beginning, to be picked this high in the second round is a tremendous accomplishment for a player his size at his position.

But with Hawes down in Sacramento there will be a strong Washington connection.

Congrats Brock, you deserve it.




7:50- They go with DeJuan Blair, I’d rather have Brockman, but I’ll admit, Blair is a flipping beast. I was sad to see that he left school, was a tremendous college player that I will love to remember when thinking about some of the greats.

7:49- Memphis takes Sam Young from Pitt. AKA the oldest looking face in college basketball since Greg Oden. Spurs are on the clock, lets see if Brockman is moving down south…

7:47- Looks like I got away with it, that break was needed. But one of the teams I guessed in San Antonio is coming, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to learn from Tim Duncan…

7:45- Had to have dinner with the fam, hopefully I didn’t miss Brockman’s pick when this live draft blog was started for his drafting.

7:32- Kings take Jeff Pendegraph with the first pick in the second round. I love Pendegraph’s game, but I want Brockman drafted. We’ll see. Hurry up NBA.

7:21- Here we go, Brock’s last shot at the first round and a guaranteed contract… They go with Christian Eyenga from the Congo, definitely not Brockman.

But hey Portland has they third pick in the second round. Another shot at the Roy-Brock connection!

7:19- Could Brockman go to The Mistake by the Lake, we’ll see. Him with James could be fun, but PT would be scarce with Shaq there now along with Big Z and Varejao.

7:14- New York has LA’s pick. If they pick Brock he’ll be with Nate and likely booed because no one knows who he is on the east coast. But this was a trade that is recent so its unlikely they would have made a promise to him. We’ll see though. Here’s the pick…

Tony Douglas, the leader for the Seminoles last year and played in that tremendous tourney game against Wisconsin.

7:11- Here we go… T’Wolves take Wayne Ellington. Well shoot. Lakers and Cleveland are the only two teams left in the first. I do not want Brockman in Los Angeles. We’ll see.

7:05- DeMarre Carroll, the outstanding player from Missouri now off the board. He really led Missouri last year, had the chance to watch him play against Marquette in the NCAA Tournament while in Boise. He’s a player.

But the big news is that Minnesota is up. Lets see if my prediction is correct.

6:59- Bulls take Taj Gibson, I’d rather have Brockman but obviously I’m bias. But Gibson is a great defensive player, could develop into a solid player. He’s got the height, just needs to add some muscle.

Not too many teams left in the first round though, so for Brockman to skip all the things his pick has to be coming up. I’m sticking with my Minnesota prediction.

6:55- For some reason the Mavericks trade Mullens for the Guadeloupe guy. Never understood why they would not just take they guy at their pick. Unless it is because of the pay scale, but who knows. ESPN didn’t say Dallas was getting anything else.

6:53- YAY! They take some guy name Rodrigue Beaubois from Guadeloupe. He has a badass name though.

6:49- Dallas takes B.J. Mullens, a guy who really did nothing much in his one year at Ohio State. They have had a problem with one and done big guys over there. Oden, then Koufos, now Mullens. If they could just convince one of them to stay Thad Matta could build a great program.

Now time for Husky nation to hope for the best. If they take Brock, it would just be spitting in our face even more.

6:44- Kings select Omri Casspi, someone from Israel. Yea Omri!

After Dallas right here, The Must Not Be Named’s are on the clock. If Brockman goes there… Would be detrimental…

6:39- Definitely not Jon Brockman. Someone named Victor Claver, and they traded picks to move up for him, so no Roy-Brockman connection in Portland 😦

But now the Kings are on the clock, so could there be more Brockman-Hawes playing time than the one year here at Montlake.

6:33- Hornets select Darren Collison, should be a nice backup for Chris Paul. Nice pick for them.

Blazers are on the clock. Potential landing spot #1 for Brockman now up. If they take him, paired with Roy, Webster, and Nate, I might pay attention to the league and become a Blazers fan.

6:27- Utah selects Eric Maynor. I know nothing about him. Congrats Maynor.

I’m tired. Someone pick Brockman!

6:22- Hawks take Jeff Teague, a great college player who was excellent for the Demon Deacons last season. I know nothing about the Hawks, but Teague is a good player. Congratulations Hawks, you just got a good player.

6:18- T’Wolves take Ty Lawson. I don’t know what they are doing. Three point guards in the first round.

Twitter nation probably sparking up with a ton of “LOLS” right now.

6:12- Sixers select Jrue Holiday. Was not sure if Justin was there cause of the dark lighting and ESPN kept cutting camera angles, but he’s got potential to be great. Many of you how I feel about his talent based on how he would play in the Washington system, so being in the NBA where it is fast paced. I see good things for him.

Holiday in a slick suit as well, I’ll move him ahead of Daye for #3 on the suit list.

I’m now thinking that the T’Wolves will draft Brockman. They got two more picks in the first round, a team like that are willing to draft and make promises with their later picks. Just a feeling. Their next pick is at #18 so their last pick would be where he would most likely end up.

6:08- The Bulls take James Johnson from Wake as the Jrue Holiday slide continues. I don’t know much about Johnson so I wont say much, but he does have a shot and the ability to go down low. He could be a nice quiet, does everything player in the league.

6:05- This draft is beginning to wear on me. So much NBA that I am not used to.

6:02- Daye off the board for Detroit, so he gets into the lottery and Holiday is out. I don’t think he has any shot to succeed in the league to be honest, he always just reeked of bust to me. He’s so skinny and can be so incosistent for his skill set against WCC talent that I never thought truly highly of him.

Joe Dumars has a better eye for talent than me though, so we’ll see. What we do know though is that Daye is wearing a sharp suit with his baby blue sweater vest underneath the sport coat. He’s now third behind the tie between Thabeet and Harden.

5:59- ESPN cuts to commercial with shots of Holiday and Austin Daye, looks like they made the wrong choice to go to the draft.

5:55- Suns take Earl Clark, but is immediately overshadowed because Brandon Jennings appears out of nowhere and gets his picture moment with the chubby gnome when it was reported he was not at MSG.

Like his hair at the McDonalds game, his move to Italy, Jennings is one for a show.

5:50- Pacers may be the best bet for Jrue Holiday for awhile.

But they shock and take Hansbrough, one of the best college players in a long, long time. Fans chant overrated, I didn’t think he could amount to much in the league, but he may have too much of a work ethic not to be great.

Most likely, Christian Laettener version two.

5:45- The Bobcats take Gerald Henderson, and as this is a team that also has Seattle prospects, not too thrilled. Do not see him being too great of an NBA player. I may be biased because of my strong dislike fo the Duke Blue Devils.

Come to think of it, he’s a Duke Blue Devil. He wont be anything in the NBA.

5:38- Terrence Williams drafted to the New Jersey Nets. As a Seattle product the region should applaud him. But I always wondered why he was not projected higher in the draft. He has all the tools to succeed. Its almost as if teams just don’t like seniors anymore.

5:33- Milwaukee takes Brandon Jennings, with Tyreke Evans I think he could develop into the best player in the draft. He’s got all the tools to be a premiere player.

Out of the Top-10 picks, four players with Pac-10 ties with Harden, Hill, DeRozan, and Jennings. I count Jennings because of his commitment to Arizona and that whole fiasco last year. Whether Arizona fans like it or not, he’s part of their history.

5:27- DeMar DeRozan taken by Toronto at #9. He’s got potential, but his up and down year at USC is tough to grade for his pro prospects. He could play well with Bosh though.

He’s all potential, potential, potential. But his polka-dot tie is very nice.

Jrue Holiday is sliding. Many thought he would go to Sacramento.

5:22- New York takes Jordan Hill, one of the conference players I have a ton of respect for. I don’t know about his pro prospects, but he’s got the skills and toughness to succeed.

5:20- Curry’s suit was pretty sharp. But if I’m New York I take a flyer on Jennings, and wait for LeBron next season. LeBron would make Jennings look godly.

5:15- Steph Curry to Golden State, hence New York fans boo. Even I wanted to see Curry in New York, but it looks like they may have to go with someone like DeRozan, Holiday, or Jennings.

5:14- Flynn’s suit is nothing special, no one might not come close to the premiere suits of Thabeet or Harden.

But in his interview he talked about himself in the third person at one point, a little cockiness can go a far way in the league.

5:10- Johnny Flynn to Minnesota with their second pick. Confusing, nothing outside the T’Wolves have done in the McHale era. Now we understand why he stayed in the draft though, I thought he should have stayed another year but he came out at the right time it appears.

But they just drafted Rubio, the fact they passed on DeMar DeRozan or Steph Curry is laughable.

5:04- Rubio to T’Wolves, and they really could not go in any other direction. I have never watched him play so I’m not going to make some lame attempt and talk about his game although I know nothing about it.

But interesting factoid Stu Scott dropped was that he is the first player drafted who was born in the 1990’s. I suddenly feel old.

4:57- Tyreke Evans  goes to Sac town to play with Spencer Hawes. I think he could end up being the best player in the draft, Kings made the right choice. Should help Spencer as well. Suit too plain, but still ahead of Blake Griffin. The pink shirt and tie helped him out.

4:55- Oh geez, Harden with the gold suit and bow tie with the striped shirt. First place will be a two man battle it looks like.

4-52: Must Not Be Named’s pick Harden and are very smart for doing it. Westbrook-Harden-Durant-Green-Irrelevant. Absolutely ridiculous lineup for the future.

I hate the NBA for leaving.

4:49- Hasheem Thabeet has an awesome suit, I’ll give him that one. For fun I guess I’ll rank the most badass suits by the end of the draft.

Griffin needs to step his game up.

4:47- The Must Not Be Named’s are now on the clock. I hope they take Rubio and he goes back to Spain for the rest of his career.

In reality, Rubio or James Harden should be the pick. Depends on how they view Westbrook if they want to keep him at point or move him over should they pick Rubio.

But who really cares about this joke team.

4:39- Griffin officially off the board, if Memphis takes Thabeet I will laugh. I really do not think he will pan out, and that organization is in need of some good things more than anyone else. Of course Seattle could be in their future, so whatever the Grizz do should be interesting to any Seattle fans who are hoping for a return of the NBA.

But Thabeet and his nimble frame could be absolutely dominated by some of the guys like Dwight Howard. He’s got height, but his offensive game is still far and without the strength he will not get those easy twos he had at UConn.

To me he is Sam Dalembert with less athleticism. I’d trade down if I were Memphis and get a big and another pick. None of the bigs after Griffin are not worth this high of a pick.

It is very weird talking and thinking about the NBA once again by the way.

4:35- A small, annoying elf just started the draft. Hope you enjoy second fiddle in Los Angeles Blake Griffin.

4:09- As reported yesterday Shaq was traded to the Cavs. I may not like the NBA, but I’ll always have love for Shaq. He’s a guy I’ll always respect, he gives 100% all the time and a great character on and off the court.

Also just realized that there is a countdown clock to the start of the draft. Its at 19 minutes, next update then when the Clips draft another player to ruin.

4:06- Evidently Vince Carter to the Magic, perhaps the most overrated played in a long time. He’s the ideal NBA player, someone who will dunk and put up points but do nothing else. He’s an ideal Stern player. An ISP.

4:01- Here we go. The first NBA event I have watched all year long. I’m still a supporter for the ABA to start up though (Actually Basketball Association)

Just a reminder, there will be a live blog for the NBA Draft this afternoon as Husky Nation prepares to see where Jon Brockman will take his first steps in his professional career.

Supposedly ESPN says their draft coverage will start at four, but whether or not that is the beginning of selections or not is not likely. But we’ll see.

Stay tuned…

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Charles Garcia Fails To Qualify

A bombshell to Lorenzo Romar and the University of Washington basketball team today as it has surfaced that Charles Garcia Jr. will not qualify academically for University of Washington standards.

Romar later confirmed the news, now raising the question of who will use the final scholarship for the upcoming season. With the Joe Wolfinger transfer and Garcia failing to qualify, the Huskies are using 12 scholarships out of the 13 that the NCAA allows.

I doubt that Romar will go after a recruit as I am sure all of the players he has recruited have signed LOI’s. So I expect the team to roll with 12 scholarships this season.

Somewhat ironic that the news comes today as I have had a article on what happens if Josh Smith commits in the queue ready to be published. But with the news today, and should Smith commit, its now obvious where that scholarship opens up.

Garcia was expected to help out in the front court for the Huskies with the loss of Jon Brockman, but it now appears as if Darnell Gant, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, and Tyreese Breshers will have to step up their game next season.

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Live NBA Draft Blog Tomorrow

Tomorrow the NBA Draft will be on air, and although I have not watched a single NBA event this year, I will be one of the millions tuning in to see where some of the famous college basketball players will work towards achieving their pro careers.

For the Husky fans the draft presents an interesting situation because of the mysterious pre-draft events of Jon Brockman. I get the feeling he was promised a spot in the lower first round, but only by tuning in will I find out.

Also the chance of Justin Dentmon being drafted has been increased as he has recently been invited for workouts with certain NBA teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers.

So tune in tomorrow for a live draft blog as the Jon Brockman Mystery should finally be coming to a close.

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Kevin O’Neill Hired at USC

A very interesting hire for USC as it was never really reported that O’Neill was going to be a candidate for the head coaching job. The consensus was that USC would attempt at attracting a coach with a big name and possibly with NBA experience.

O’Neill does have some NBA experience and a head coach at the college level, but lacks the strong name that many were expecting to be hired. O’Neill’s experience in the NBA is not the best looking resume, a short stint with the Toronto Raptors in 2004.

In the Pac-10 it is somewhat ironic to see O’Neill hired as only two years ago he was the interim head coach for Arizona as the Lute Olson fiasco began down in Tucson. Arizona was able to make the tournament under O’Neill, although many cried foul with their 19-15 record.

O’Neill is regarded as a very tough coach, so in the aspect of turning around the USC program with discipline (somewhat similar to Tyrone Willingham here at Washington for football, although we saw how that turned out) he could potentially be a great hire for USC.

But turning around the Trojan basketball program will be tough.

I best remember O’Neill as the head coach of the Marquette program. Not because I remember watching them play, but as soe of you may remember he played a significant role in the film “Hoop Dreams” as he recruited one of the central figures in the movie, William Gates.

It is an interesting hire for a program that everyone believes should be better than what it has produced for a long time. O’Neill faces a daunting task, but if does it right, big things could happen in Los Angeles.

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Ten of the Pac-10: Ranking the Coaches

Everyone loves lists. They are always debatable, everyone has an opinion, and they are easy to relate to. So in effort to continue to add more content to the basketball coverage for RealDawg, I figure a bunch of lists would provide some information and entertainment for the readers. It just so happens that being in the Pac-10 it works out perfectly as normally everyone enjoys, well, the top ten of anything.

So here’s the first entry of something I will call “Ten of the Pac-10.” It may or may not make sense at first, but that is the only catchy title I can come up with so far.

I will base the rankings off of history and potential.

10. Whoever takes over at USC

Whoever has the bravery (stupidity may be the better word) to take over a program in such great trouble will have as much of a daunting task turning around a basketball program that no one has faced before.

It has to be someone who is an unbelievable recruiter to convince the talent rich L.A. market to jump aboard an already sunken ship.

Someone from the L.A. Times threw out a name such as Jamie Dixon, but that has about as high of a chance of happening as Lil Romeo ever being considered a legitimate college basketball player.

Expect someone like Memphis hired in Josh Pastner, a young and energetic coach who will recruit out of his mind.

Master P may be on the phone with USC right now trying to secure the position. Continue reading

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Montlake Fast Break Podcast #3

Click Here for Link

Covered topics in this podcast include the USC basketball program, Tim Floyd resigning, and questions that were asked by RealDawg members on the forum.

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