Jon Brockman Uses Twitter to his Advantage

Jon Brockman almost created one of the most significant stories in University of Washington athletic history when he began “tweeting” about the possibility that he would play one year of college football for the Huskies. In a span of a few minutes he mentioned playing tight end and “always having a dream to play football.”

I have not caught on to the whole Twitter phenomenon that is occurring, but I will admit that it is fun to get some sort of a personal interaction with some celebrities who actually tweet themselves. Brockman fooling many fans is just one great example of this.

But also what Brockman’s barrage of tweets signals that he still has not explained his disappearance from the NBA combine. Evidently in his tweets he does not feel the need to explain why he missed the combine, so I would believe that all is going well for him right now where he feels comfortable about his basketball situation.

Now I feel ridiculous for saying “tweet” so many times.


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