Norvel Pelle To Price HS, Breshers Alma Mater

An interesting development occurred in the recruitment of Norvel Pelle, arguably the top player in the west coast for 2011.

Pelle recently made a move to Price High School in Los Angeles from annual powerhouse Dominguez. This should raise the eyebrows for Husky fans as this was also the same high school that Tyreese Breshers attended while being recruited by Lorenzo Romar and the Washington staff.

The move Pelle has made unquestionably helps Romar in his recruitment of the talented forward. Pelle now attends a school where he has a history of successfully recruiting a top target and can continue to work with the relationship he made with Price head basketball coach, Michael Lynch.

Pelle is known to be considering the Huskies as one of his top schools, so any advantage that Romar is able to hold over rivals such as UCLA and Arizona is undoubtedly a plus.


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