Bow Down… to Clarence Trent

Since there was just a “Ten of the Pac-10”, thought I would writeup the second part of now a three part series after the loss of Charles Garcia.

The next installment leads us to Clarence Trent, the high flying forward that I have known personally and have had the privlidge of watching many times.

What Trent Offers Next Season…

With the news that Garcia will not be able to play for the Huskies, Trent suddenly has the opprotunity to play some more significant minutes for next year’s squad than a possible redshirt he faced with Garcia on the team.

While he will undoubtedly be receiving more minutes now that Garcia is out of the picture, Trent still will likely be watching Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Tyreese Breshers, Darnell Gant, and Quincy Pondexter playing the four from the bench more than they will be watching him.

But Trent does offer a distinct advantage over his four position buddies in that he possibly has more athletic ability than all of them combined. Almost literally Trent can jump out of the arena, and if he does at some point by the end of his Washington career I would not be surprised. The kid is a pogo stick with Flubber attached to the bottom of his shoes (awesome tie in with classic Robin Williams film).

Trent can definitely be the firecracker off the bench that swings momentum in the Huskies direction with a huge alley-oop slam or heart stopping block.

While athleticism is definitely Trent’s forte, there is also some basketball savvy in his repertoire as well. He has the ability to hit the fifteen foot jump shot, but he has yet to truly refine it and sometimes he can take too many and lose any rhythm he had during the game. But now that he has moved on from high school and is less likely to be depended on by his teammates as the focus of the offense, I expect the jump shot to improve as he continues to gain experience at the college level.

Another strength that may end up being his most vital asset to the Huskies is his rebounding ability. In high school Clarence demonstrated good box out skills that often lead to a rebounding. But his long wing span also helped his rebounding efforts to create second chance points and start fast break opportunities. For a team looking to replace a rebounding legend such as Jon Brockman, this may be the most important asset Clarence brings the Huskies in 2009/2010.

What Trent Offers Long Term…

Trent is probably the most intriguing prospect that has come to Washington in a long time, similar to Isaiah Thomas last year. Like Thomas, Trent has an incredibly high ceiling. I’d be willing to argue that he probably has as high of a ceiling as anyone in the Pac-10, maybe the country.

Throughout Trent’s high school career there were flashes of brilliance when he would put to together a thirty point game with a high shooting percentage, or a game when he nearly brought down 20 rebounds; but never did that brilliance translate to an entire season. Paired with his athleticism, fans and scouts were always left dreaming about the type of player he could be if he can piece it all together.

Coming to Washington may be the perfect place for him to realize that potential as Romar has shown in the past that he can develop players and utilizing every ounce of talent that player offers. It was seen with Brandon Roy, Will Conroy, Nate Robinson, Bobby Jones, and a whole bunch of other players.

If Trent can reach that level where he is playing at the highest level possible on a consistent basis, than Romar and the Washington staff just performed a recruiting coup.

Should that happen, Washington just signed a top-10 player in the country all rather subtle that could become one of the best players in the country. Trent will also be seen as a top NBA prospect because his height, wing span, athleticism, and performance would rate as one of the best in the draft at the small forward position (his likely position at the next level).

Long term Trent is maybe the most intriguing prospect that has ever walked on the Washington campus.

At the very least and if Trent fails to utilize that talent, he will always be a guy who can come off the bench and be the firecracker that starts a run.

But Romar didn’t recruit him to sit primarily on the bench his career. Romar and the Washington staff probably took a visit to Gig Harbor and saw the talent and potential glaring with every step Trent took towards the basket.

Trent is the type of talent that could be a key piece in a national championship run should some of the potential be realized. If Trent plays to his full potential, it could make the national championship be won in a dominating fashion.



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2 responses to “Bow Down… to Clarence Trent

  1. Paul

    Nice write-up…your comment on Clarence really will leap out of the gym at some point was great!

    So…settle the mystery…is he 6’5″ or is he 6’7″?

  2. David C.

    I would say he is closer to 6’7″ now, but quite honestly probably in between at 6’6″ lol.

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