Percy Allen Takes Over Seattle Times Coverage

If you follow Husky hoops, than more than likely you make multiple visits per day to the Seattle Times to read what Bob Condotta has to say about the Dawgs in his basketball blog. Yesterday we learned that Bob will now be focusing primarily on football while the very talented Percy Allen will be taking over the hoops aspect of Washington athletics.

For someone who is writing in the form of a blog, Bob’s work was obviously a form of inspiration. Percy points out the fact that Bob’s work was that of a pioneer, and you will not hear anything different from me.

But it is exciting that Husky Hoops will have a full time writer on hand in Percy Allen, who always did a phenomenal job with the coverage of the Sonics. I always wondered what the Seattle Times would do with Percy after the team left, and I am delighted that they have found a great role for him with covering Husky basketball.

So congratulations Percy (if you ever read this); with your new role you get to brag to your friends and family that your name is now a category on this Husky basketball blog.


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