Scott Suggs Considered Transfer

In a revealing interview with Percy Allen of the Seattle Times, Scott Suggs described his freshman year that saw him on the bench for most of his first season with the Huskies.

Suggs says that at times he was “depressed” with the lack of playing time, and while I doubt it was actually hardcore depression that needed serious help, it shows the struggle that he dealt with last season.

The interview mentions Suggs’ dominance in Missouri as a high schooler, starting for his high school the moment he stepped on campus. Coming to a situation like Washington would obviously be a huge shock for a player of his status.

The interview does detail Suggs’ hard work ethic during the summer, and his motivation to break into the rotation this season.

I love to hear his motivation and passion towards earning significant playing time, and should he break into the rotation, adding a 6’6″ guard will do nothing but good for the team.

As I mentioned in the rotation article I posted awhile back, I did not see Suggs breaking in. But if I’m proven wrong, its because he is doing something significant on the court.

Thats something all Husky fans should be okay with.


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