Q-Walk the New Husky Anthem

Last year it appeared that the Husky anthem for the season was Soulja Boy’s “Get Yo Swag On”, now apparently the team has taken the initiative to create their own song for the 2009-2010 season. While Soulja Boy is not among my favorite artists at all, the song became a rallying cry for the team. It is safe to say this song is a step in a better direction.

Darnell Gant, Justin Holiday, and Tyreese Breshers recorded the song “Q-Walk”, apparently in honor of team captain Quincy Pondexter. Its a basic beat that have the three Husky players rapping over describing the team and the new dance move “Q-Walk.”

Now the first thing that came to mind when I saw this alluded to on Facebook was panic. Too many times have there been athletes that record a rap song there are controversial or hateful lyrics that gives the team a bad reputation. But the entire song was clean and rather enjoyable.

The only thing to take out of this is that the team is maintaining its great chemistry from last season, maybe even having better chemistry now that they have been together for another year.

Until the season starts, maybe do the “Q-Walk” for yourself. Link to the song below.

“Q-Walk” – B.F.A.M.


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