All Black The New Color For Huskies

Twitter has opened up the world to fans who wish to get to know celebrities on a bit more personal level. It also has been the source for new information to accidentally leak, such as when Matthew Bryan-Amaning let Husky Nation know a bit earlier that Husky Hoopla was to be on ESPN.

Today we find a bit of news from Isaiah Thomas, who took a picture of new Washington basketball uniforms. Apparently the school has hooked up with Nike to put together an all black alternate uniform. What this means for the gold alternates is unknown, but for now it appears that we will see the Huskies in some new threads at times this season.

I’ve never been a big fan of schools adopting an all black uniform if it was not part of the school’s primary colors, so I’m indifferent about these. But there is no doubt that the team likes the new uniforms, and sometimes the school’s uniforms can actually help sway a recruit. So if a black alternate makes the players happy, I’m okay with it.

I still would love to see a return of the Roy era uniforms, so clean and classic.

Here’s the new uniform…


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One response to “All Black The New Color For Huskies

  1. Paul

    I had not heard that on the new jersey’s, good stuff, thank you.

    I agree with your comments 100% regarding non-traditional black uni’s…don’t like them, but if they assist w/ recruiting I’ll happily accept it.

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