Behind The Scenes With Quincy Pondexter, Links

Surfing the interwebs for information, and stumbled across a new episode of “Dawg Dish” hosted by Johnny Durocher. The show featured a behind the scenes look with Quincy Pondexter carrying around a FlipCam throughout the day before Midnight Madness. It provides some nice footage of the team and shows just how close the the team is with eachother, a great sign for the season.

Pondexter provides some funny commentary throughout and the 14 minute run time is definitely worth it if you are a Husky Basketball fan. Find the video here.

Percy Allen wrote on the arrival of new assistant coach Raphael Chillious, someone who I have said in the past could have a huge impact on the program because of his ability to recruit at South Kent. But as Allen points out, Chillious offers a bit of coaching ability as well.

Allen also reports that there were two new faces at Husky practice yesterday, meaning that the tryouts could have produced some new Huskies. No word on who they actually are yet, but it is a good sign that they may have been able to add some players to challenge the team in practice. Especially with the flu taking out most of the team the past week.

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated has a new blog, writing on the Washington-Gonzaga series possibly being renewed. Its also where Mark Few delivered his now infamous line, “The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby.”

The Slipper Still Fits, a Gonzaga blog, had this to say about the proposal of renewing the series.

As for the proposal, you really can not blame Gonzaga for turning down the offer to play all games in Seattle. As a fan I want my team to go and play in Spokane as well, its fair and even more enjoyable to possibly go in and quiet the crowd. It makes no sense not to have a series with Gonzaga, its great for the state and its basketball. We are lucky that we live in a state with such great basketball culture, teams, and rivalries; there needs to be a series between the two top schools in the state. I’m sure something will be worked out, but the sooner it is taken care of the better.

MontlakeMadness had a chat with former Husky Jon Brockman. Weird to say former Husky huh?

As for content here, with the season approaching there should be a steady stream coming in. I’ve stockpiled some things so expect write-ups, interviews, previews often.


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