Huskies In Oakland For Scrimmage

The Huskies made a trip down to Oakland yesterday for a scrimmage with St. Mary’s that is supposed to take place today. Like all other pre-season scrimmages the game will be closed. During these scrimmages it is very difficult for media to ever get an understanding of what occured during the game or any specific stats, but that may change with today’s social networking.

Oddly news will probably be flowing from Twitter as players will most likely have vague comments on the game. So over the next two days I’ll keep a lookout for any new “tweets” from the players about the game.

The scrimmage should be interesting for the Huskies since so many players missed practice time over the past week due to illness. How they will matchup against St. Mary’s could be tough with many guys just getting into the swing of the things in terms of conditioning and preparation.

But with all of these scrimmages, the only thing that you want to see as a fan is that everyone on the team comes out of them healthy.

But since this is the first competitive situation against an opponent, its nice to finally know that basketball is back.


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