Reactions From First Scrimmage

As I guessed yesterday, players made comments about the “closed door” scrimmage against St. Mary’s through Twitter. Normally it is very difficult to gain any insight to what occurred in these scrimmages, but with today’s social networking we now have the ability to learn a little bit what the players and coaches are thinking about these closed door events.

The general consensus with the players is that the scrimmage did not go well initially until the team was able to pick it up in the second half, or as Isaiah Thomas says, “We played horrible the 1st 20min but after that we played like Washington basketball suppose to play!”

Yesterday I guessed there could be some problems with the team because of lack of practice time together and poor conditioning as a result of the flu that got to the players over the past week. It looks like I may have been right about the lack of playing time together as we go to Thomas’ Twitter again as he says, “We gon be ready, mark my words! We was alil rusty today playin wit each other bcuz we basically had 2 days.”

There are two big things to take from the scrimmage. The fact that everyone came away healthy is the biggest thing, there are no tweets about any injuries (I hate having to use the word “tweet” so often). Maybe more encouraging is that the team supposedly recovered in the second half, showing the team came together and played well despite all of the adversity they faced over the past week with not being able to practice together as a unit.

The trip appears it may have been successful, but here are some more tweets with reaction from the game…

Isaiah Thomas

“We gotta take what we did wrong 2 heart and build on it and get better plain and simple. We good, still early I aint worried at all. Go time”

“NOV 13th 1st regular season game. We gon be ready, mark my words! We was alil rusty today playin wit each other bcuz we basically had 2 days of practice where we had enough guys to go up and down and scrimmage alil bit. So were good we jus gotta get some chemistry! That’s all!”

Tyreese Breshers

“Just got done wat our scrimmage … We figured a lot of things about ourselves and I figured out a lot about me …”

“Just landed …. watchin film wit Coach the whole flight … learned a lot of stuff … I got a lot to work on”

Matthew Bryan-Amaning

“ok so on the way bk 2 the 206…the trip as a learning curve we’ll see in practice if we leant anything!!”

Abdul Gaddy

“On way to airport!! Learned a lot about our team!! Time to get back n the lab and improve on weaknesses….”


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