Breshers Still Not 100%

According to Percy Allen’s blog, we may not see a 100% healthy Tyreese Breshers until halfway through the season. Lorenzo Romar said in his weekly press conference that Breshers is still building up his strength and conditioning after missing a year and a half due to injuries.

But perhaps the most interesting piece of the update was Romar telling the media that by the time that Breshers does reach 100%, there is a chance that he could become a starter for the team.

Now its a vague statement saying that he might become a starter for the team, but it definitely does add some more hype to his potential impact on the team next year. Breshers is stepping in at the right time because of Jon Brockman’s departure to the NBA, giving the Huskies another undersized blue collar worker down in the post.

Rebounding figures to be one of the weaker aspects of the team if the current guys do not step up in Brockman’s absence, and Breshers adds a lot to solving the potential problem. Keep in mind that Breshers is not just a rebounder, but he has some pretty nice athleticism to his game as well. One thing I took away from seeing parts of the Midnight Madness event was Breshers jumping ability, the guy has some nice hops.

Word out of Husky open gyms and practices are that Breshers is going to be a force this year. Can’t wait to see what he can do now at 100%.



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2 responses to “Breshers Still Not 100%

  1. Paul

    Last night a buddy of mine who is a local high school basketball coach and I watched the Griz scrimmage and we were really impressed by your buddy Matthias. Love his game. Great fundamentals, extremely smart player…a little ‘old-school’ style that we really liked.

    I’ll enjoy watching him play the next four years, you didn’t oversell him at all, he will be a good player. He reminded both of us of Andrew Strait, one of the all-time great Griz who graduated a few years ago.

  2. David C.

    Thats good to hear. You pretty much summed up my “scouting report” on him, Montana got themselves a hell of a player.

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