Pondexter POTW, UCLA Loses To Cal State Fullerton, Polls

Lots to get to which has lead to the pileup of news. Tracking Seattle will be up tonight or tomorrow morning with this weeks picks and my top-25.

The first big piece of news this week is that Washington’s own Quincy Pondexter was the first recipient of the Pac-10 player of the week award. If you remember last season it took awhile for the Huskies to bring in their first award, so its nice to see Quincy earn it so early.

The award could have gone to either Pondexter or Isaiah Thomas, but Pondexter did his job on the boards as well by averaging 11 rebounds.

The next piece of news comes from Westwood where UCLA continues their remarkable early season struggles by losing to Cas State Fullerton. The Bruins had struggled in both of their exhibition games, but they were expected to shake it off in time for the season. This is UCLA we are talking about, they don’t have these types of struggles.

But it looks like it could be more of a rebuilding season in Westwood than originally thought.

Finally the Huskies were ranked 14th in both polls, for some reason dropping one spot in the USA Today poll. But at this stage in the season it means nothing.

So just quick updates on those three stories before we get into our weekly schedule.


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