Post Game: San Jose State

Coming off of a 56 point victory against Portland State, expectations were high for the Huskies to deliver a similar beat down to Adrian Oliver and the San Jose State Spartans.

While the Huskies got the victory, it wasn’t in the same dominating fashion like last game. The Huskies delivered a solid performance by beating San Jose State 80-70, largely because of a career night from senior Quincy Pondexter.

Pondexter scored a career high 30 points and a pulled down a career high 15 rebounds in what may be his best performance ever as a Husky (thats the second time I have said that this year). So far this season Pondexter has been ridiculously good and has taken control of the leadership of the team. At the beginning of the season very few would name Pondexter as the best player in the Pac-10, now he might be making it fairly obvious.

While Pondexter had his big night, the rest of the Huskies fell behind which caused for the ten point victory.

Venoy Overton struggled shooting again and with his turnovers, although that could be an outcome of the touchy fouls the refs were calling all night. Overton never found a rhythm while freshman Abdul Gaddy put in his best night as a Husky. Gaddy struggled shooting at 1/6 from the floor, but was responsible for seven assists to no turnovers.

The biggest problem came in the two starting big men in Matthew Bryan-Amaning and Darnell Gant. MBA started the game of quickly but then fell off the map, scoring four points and pulling down two rebounds. That is not acceptable. MBA keeps talking about consistency is his main focus this season, hopefully he is able to get it right.

Gant on the other hand is a mystery. While he started the game and the second half, he only played nine minutes, which was the second least on the team. Clarence Trent even got more minutes, and he was expected to be the last man off the bench this season. Gant may be receiving his pink slip as a starter soon because of Trent’s performance (2/2 shooting, 4 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, in 13 minutes) as well as Tyreese Breshers’ emergence.

Breshers was probably the big surprise last night when he put in 12 points and grabbed seven rebounds. The effort reminded many of Jon Brockman, and once he fully recovers from his injury, he is the logical guy to step in for Gant.

Isaiah Thomas struggled shooting tonight, which should be expected to happen occasionally given his playing style. But Thomas only scored 4/13 shots and had three turnovers. Its strange to talk about Thomas’ game this late in the write up, but this is likely only a game where he struggled. Its nothing to worry about.

The Spartans were led by Oliver, the former Husky, and he put up a game high 23 shots in his return to Montlake. He went for 32 and was easily the leader on his team, but it was not really efficient seeing as he only hit nine of those attempts.

Overall the Huskies  never really seemed to hit their stride. This can again be attributed to the over-the-top officiating, but they still need to hit more than 41% of their shots against a below average team like San Jose State.

Top Performer: Quincy Pondexter

Stat of the Game: 12 turnovers, the Huskies continue to protect the ball well


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  1. Ron

    I think Holiday is the man that will take Gant’s spot in the lineup. They are both in there more for there defense but Holiday is a better defender, better rebounder, better passer and is becoming a better shooter with greater range.

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