Commit News: Enes Kanter

Wow. This came out of nowhere Husky fans.

It has quickly spread that the Huskies picked up a brand new commitment for the 2010 class in Turkish big man Enes Kanter, one of the top remaining players in the country. When I country, its not Turkey, but rather the United States.

Kanter suddenly committed to the Huskies this morning after forging a very strong relationship with new assistant coach Raphael Chillious. A few months back I made a comment about Chillious possibly having a big impact on international recruits because of his past at Findlay Prep and bringing in foreign players (such as our own Matthew Bryan-Amaning). Never did I expect the Huskies to reap the benefits so quickly as I rather had 2011 recruit Angelo Choi in mind.

But how good is Kanter?

Evidently we may have another Spencer Hawes on our hands in terms of being a one and done according to national scouts. Some even expect him to be a lottery pick after his freshman year.

During the U18 European Championships, Kanter was named tournament MVP by averaging 18.6 points and a mind boggling 16.4 rebounds per game. Some have asked where the rebounding is going to come from this season, looks like we have an answer for next year.

One of the first things that comes to mind with this commitment from Kanter is that the loss of Josh Smith suddenly becomes irrelevant. After Smith chose UCLA I believed it would only put more pressure on the Huskies to land Terrence Jones or go after a player such as Aziz N’Diyae for a transfer. The Huskies had to get a big man in the class, and the filled that spot with one of the top remaining players in the country.

Nobody saw this coming. Just yesterday I cam across Kanter for the first time in what now appears to be dumb luck. I had never heard of the kid and only was relevant because I saw he was transferring from Findlay Prep to a Stoneridge Prep.

Through some of the film I have found online its obvious what Kanter’s strengths are. He appears to have some polished post moves that lead to some easy baskets. His rebounding stats are off the charts and he is able to position his body well to set him up for some hard earned rebounds, ala Jon Brockman. Through some of the film, and I don’t want this to be taken 100% since I have not seen full games, but he seems to lack effort on the defensive end. But if there was anything Lorenzo Romar would be able to do, that would be to teach defensive intensity.

Although I didn’t see it in film, supposedly Kanter has some off the chart shooting ability as well from deep. His prep school coach says that he has NBA range right now.

Just to review some of the concerns about the Huskies this season. Rebounding (maybe Kanter’s strongest asset), three point shooting (a 6’10 big with NBA range), and low post threat (polished post moves and averaged 18 points in Euro championships). Did Lorenzo Romar just pull of a recruiting coup?

One fact about Kanter that should not be overlooked is the fact that he has been raised in a European setting in basketball. The training is much more intense and rigorous than early training in the United States, meaning Kanter is likely more polished than some of his American counterparts right now.

So the Huskies just picked up a five star recruit out of nowhere, evidently beating out Ben Howland and Kevin O’Neill for Kanter’s services. It should be interesting to see how this changes the recruitment of Terrence Jones, but at least we know if Jones does not choose to be a Husky everything will be okay in Montlake.


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