Official Un-Official Top-25, Pac-10 Picks: Week Three (late)

  1. Michigan State (-)
  2. Kansas (-)
  3. Texas (-)
  4. Purdue (5)
  5. Kentucky (6)
  6. Duke (7)
  7. Villanova (8)
  8. West Virginia (9)
  9. Ohio State (10)
  10. Washington (11)
  11. Syracuse (NR)
  12. Connecticut (-)
  13. North Carolina (5)
  14. Louisville (13)
  15. Georgetown (14)
  16. Tennessee (15)
  17. Butler (-)
  18. Illinois (-)
  19. Florida State (21)
  20. Oklahoma (19)
  21. Minnesota (22)
  22. Clemson (25)
  23. Siena (24)
  24. Wake Forest (23)
  25. Michigan (NR)

Some significant changes to this weeks ballot. Yes I know it is late, but you will have to trust me this was done up on Monday, but just pushed back as stories kept getting published and the queue time was altered. Anyway, North Carolina and Cal saw the biggest drops. The defending champs went from 5th to 13th while Cal was completely dropped from the rankings. I moved up Florida State as I like that team a lot while dropping Oklahoma some. But outside of the two big drops there was nothing of significance outside of Syracuse’s incredible jump from not ranked to #11. Also for the first time this season, Washington has cracked my top-10.

Pac-10 Picks

Monday: Oregon vs. Montana, UCLA vs. Pepperdine, Arizona vs. Wisconsin

Tuesday: Cal vs. Jacksonville, Arizona vs. Colorado, Stanford vs. Virginia

Wednesday: Stanford vs. Kentucky, Arizona vs. Vanderbilt, Arizona State vs. Duke, Washington State vs. Alaska Anchorage

Thursday: UCLA vs. Portland

Friday: UCLA vs. Butler, USC vs. Coppin State, Washington State vs. Nicholls State, Arizona State vs. LSU

Saturday: Oregon State vs. George Washington, Oregon vs. Montana State

Sunday: Washington vs. Montana, California vs. Princeton, USC vs. Nebraska, Stanford vs. Portland State

Last Week: 12-4

Season: 24-7


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