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Post-Game Reaction: Arizona State (Game 1)

I mentioned previously that I believed the same as Lorenzo Romar when he says that he has never been more proud of player than Justin Dentmon. While I’m sure that JD could care less about my opinion when comparing it to Romar’s, I still will come out and say that Dentmon has become one of the best stories in UW Basketball history with his drastic turnaround in play this year.

Watching JD play, all I see now is confidence when in years past a saw a player hesitant to make a decision. Ever since Dentmon has made this change, the entire team has jumped on for the ride and become a true threat to become Pac-10 champions. Who would have thought that at this point in the season Dentmon would be our best and most reliable player? An argument can still be made for both Jon Brockman and Isaiah Thomas, but it’s impossible not to give credit to JD for keeping the team in competition for the Arizona game and winning the Arizona State game. 

In just Pac-10 play, Dentmon now leads the ENTIRE CONFERENCE in scoring. That’s ahead of names like James Harden, Darren Collison, Jerome Randle, and Brockman. To conclude the Dentmon lovefest in the article; just keep it up JD. Your on the fast track to becoming one of the all time beloved players in UW history because of this turnaround. It’s already the leader for my feel good story of 2009 in Seattle sports.

In terms of the game, it was an excellent display of the Huskies’ talent up until the middle of the second half. Nearing a 20 point lead the team got a bit lazy (highlighted by one stretch of five consecutive turnovers), but I was impressed with the composure at the end when the team hit buckets when needed. Dentmon and Thomas both hit clutch free throws, Quincy Pondexter hit maybe the two most crucial shots of the game to keep a safe Husky lead, Justin Holiday provided great defense and rebounding (although his free throw shooting was disappointing), and of course Brockman came back from a tough battle with Jeff Pendegraph to contribute some clutch plays. 

Perhaps the best thing to come away with from the game is how the team rebounded from the dreadful defensive performance against Arizona. Giving up 106 points is absolutely unacceptable, but the team was able to hold ASU to 71 points and kept James Harden under wraps for the majority of the game. 

Speaking of Harden, what a talent. While thats a damn obvious statement that really does nothing to add to this article, but I have a point. What I love about his game is his ability to draw fouls and head to the line. But it’s safe to say now he gets a few of those “superstar calls” that so often plague the NBA. There were two or three times a very ticky-tack foul was called on UW because Harden was driving. These were all occurring when ASU was making their comeback at a very crucial part of the game, it was just disappointing to see Pac-10 refs continue to suck this year. But props to Harden for playing to his strengths.

Speaking of things sucking, the commentating was just dreadful. Never has there been such an obvious bias to one team, it was painful to listen to. God I wish FSN would just sign Calabro to do all Husky games.

Anyway, excellent win by the Huskies. I promise a better effort for these in the future, but I’m going off memory and just watched a very exciting Super Bowl where unfortunately the Steelers won another title.

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