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Wroten Tears ACL, Out For Year

A huge blow came to the young Tony Wroten as we learned that he tore his ACL playing football and will be forced to sit out for at least 7-9 months.

For a kid who is ranked as one of the top players in the country for 2011 it is obviously very disappointing to see him have to sit out a year. I’ve said in the past how Wroten was not a “make-or-break” recruit for the Huskies, but a young man like himself deserves the opportunity to play basketball and earn himself a scholarship. Hopefully this injury does not hinder his recruitment at all.

Perhaps the aspect that hurts Wroten the most is the fact that he will have to sit out the spring AAU tournaments as well as summer camps and tournaments to perhaps earn some scholarships from schools that have yet to offer.

In terms of local high school basketball, this is a big blow for the Garfield Bulldogs. While Garfield performed well without Wroten when he was forced to sit out while his zoning area situation was being figured out, losing a top-10 player nationall obviously does no good for the team.

For a team such as Kentwood led by Josh Smith or Kentridge by Gary Bell, the road to a state title may have become just a bit easier.

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Norvel Pelle To Price HS, Breshers Alma Mater

An interesting development occurred in the recruitment of Norvel Pelle, arguably the top player in the west coast for 2011.

Pelle recently made a move to Price High School in Los Angeles from annual powerhouse Dominguez. This should raise the eyebrows for Husky fans as this was also the same high school that Tyreese Breshers attended while being recruited by Lorenzo Romar and the Washington staff.

The move Pelle has made unquestionably helps Romar in his recruitment of the talented forward. Pelle now attends a school where he has a history of successfully recruiting a top target and can continue to work with the relationship he made with Price head basketball coach, Michael Lynch.

Pelle is known to be considering the Huskies as one of his top schools, so any advantage that Romar is able to hold over rivals such as UCLA and Arizona is undoubtedly a plus.

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ESPN: Growing Up Gaddy, Findlay Prep

Was rummaging through some sites and fell upon ESPN and a story they did on Abdul Gaddy about a month ago. Strange that I never found the story before or saw a link on it from some other places.

Pretty much it does a nice job on covering Gaddy and his path towards achieving his basketball success.

If you can’t tell by the fact that Gaddy already inherits the banner on this blog (although the fact that it is a sick picture and looked pretty damn awesome with the photoshop changes to it helped), I’m incredibly excited about the potential that he will bring to the program. I have never been a fan of Bellarmine Prep (alright, I hate them), one of the two main rivals of my former High School, my Husky passion overrides my hatred for that school and so I root for Gaddy these days. The second he steps off that court in his final game I can not wait to see the program fall flat on it’s face.

Here’s some tidbits from the story…

Rated the No. 2 point guard and No. 14 overall recruit in the ESPNU 100, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Gaddy committed to Washington after de-committing from Arizona in October. Last year, he became the first underclassman in Washington to win Gatorade State Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors after averaging 23.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game to help lead the Lions to the Class 4A state semifinals.

Gaddy was truly amazing last year, especially in the state tournament. Against my school last year (Gig Harbor), Gaddy put up over 40 points, 10 assists, and some steals all on great shooting percentages. If it had not been for the power that was Ferris, Bellarmine would have taken state no question.

As a self-imposed rule, Gaddy must make 10 3-pointers in a row before he heads home for the day, and there have been plenty of times he’s missed after nailing nine straight. He’s often tempted to cut out after making 90 percent from beyond the arc, but then he thinks about his biggest fan

Great to hear this, especially the fact that we lose one of our best three point shooters in Dentmon next year. Paired with Elston Turner and Isaiah, Gaddy should fit in nicely in terms of shooting.

It just might take a little longer for him than it will for others in his position. Since he skipped a grade, Gaddy won’t turn 19 until January 2011, meaning he’ll have to go to college for at least two years to be eligible for the NBA Draft.

“I really don’t mind,” Gaddy says. “I think it will just give me another year of experience to mature and help me become a man. Then I’ll be even more ready when I go to the NBA.”

!!! (really all that is necessary, quote speaks for itself)


Next on the agenda is another article from ESPN. The story is on Findlay Prep, a prep school in Nevada that has quickly become a national powerhouse in basketball after only three years of existence. 

The first connection to UW is that Husky commit Clarence Trent (and former classmate of mine) attended the school last year before transferring to Patterson School in North Carolina. I was unaware why he left the program because he improved his game incredibly compared to his last year at Gig Harbor — but because he was a fifth year senior the school was ineligible to be in National Rankings, so the coach simply let Clarence go.

The second connection is that Gaddy’s former teammate Avery Bradley is now the star there after transferring to Findlay this fall. He was once recruited by Lorenzo but elected to attend Texas, a commit I expected from the beginning as it was known Bradley was infatuated with the Longhorn program.

Both are interesting reads, so take a look.

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Recruit Watch: C.J. Wilcox

Figured I would look up current and possible Husky recruits at random times. Not only am I interested, but obviously you guys (of the few that have visited so far in the early stages of this blog) should be; seeing as these kids are are the future of the program.

Why not start off the series with a guy who could end up being the “Bobby Jones” or “Justin Holiday” of the class; in other words the recruit who gets little press but makes a significant impact on the program. May I add that researching C.J. Wilcox is making me incredibly excited about his future.

I remember when C.J. committed to Lorenzo Romar, and just how little fan fare there was to the news. In the world of recruiting, all that matters to the short minded people are stars. Stars, stars, stars. Read message boards and you can even see members posting requests for more stars to be added to a certain player’s profile. My reaction to that is…

What the fuck?

Sorry about the language to anyone who finds it unnecessary, but I want this blog to be one where it’s a relaxed atmosphere. Anyway, I could care less about stars, all I want to know is how that kid is going to produce on the court. 

One of my all time favorite Huskies is Will Conroy. To begin his college career he had to walk-on just to have a spot on a college team. In terms of stars, he was probably as significant to recruiting analysts as Jim Sorgi is to the Indianapolis Colts. This is the same guy who would become Washington’s all-time assist leader and the glue of the Washington teams that put us in the position we are in today.

Wilcox is a kid who in the beginning did not have the stars fans would like, but he gives the Huskies exactly what they need for next season. If I had to give stars to someone, I could see myself rating Wilcox as a better player than what recruiting sites rate him as most definitely. I’ll offer some proof later on…

But for next season Wilcox could come in right away and become our best shooter. For a team that is losing their most trusty long bomber in Justin Dentmon, there might not be a better time unless you want to see Joe Wolfinger logging in 10 minutes a game. While right now the Huskies are seventh in the Pac-10 in three point shooting, next year we could see the team near the top of the conference. Wilcox, Elston Turner, Isaiah Thomas, and Scott Suggs all look like guys who will be high percentage shooters — with Wilcox being the best of the bunch.

If there is need for evidence, Wilcox’s performance for his high school team is all you need (or this video, the breathtaking jumper starts about a minute in) to realize the talent this kid has. 

Here are the majority of his games in scoring: 24, 24, 25, 39, 20, 19, 29, 26, 32

A few of the games I wasn’t able to locate stats, and he only threw up one stinker of all the other ones I saw with a six point effort. But seeing those stats make me question whether or not he played the whole game. If a 19 point game is the worst we can expect from him, let me borrow a line from Keith Jackson and say “whoa nelly.”

I found a little write-up on his last game when he went for 24 from the Salt Lake Tribune. Here’s some highlights…

The dramatic LeSean Wilcox three-pointer to tie it, C.J. Wilcox’s usual clutch performance and stifling defense in overtime were all well and good for Pleasant Grove in its 62-57 victory over Lehi Friday night.

Whoa. Stifling defense as well? All I heard about Wilcox was the scoring and long range distance, but seeing as how important defense has been to this Husky team this is nothing but a positive sign.

After C.J. Wilcox twisted his ankle on the opening tip, Pleasant Grove struggled early, managing just four points in the opening quarter, but rallied upon his return in the second period to take a 21-18 halftime lead.

Shows just how important C.J. is to his Pleasant Grove team. In fact it is quite astonishing that one player could have an impact like that. Four points?

“When C.J. went out, there went our first set of plays,” Head Coach Randy McAllister said. “The players looked at me and asked `What do we do now?’ I told them to play basketball.”

The quote speaks for itself. Honestly, I was already excited about the potential the C.J. would bring to the team next year. Upon finding this I’m trying to figure out just how Romar will be able to keep him out of the rotation.

But it’s a nice image to think about… Abdul Gaddy driving the lane, only to kick it out to C.J. Wilcox in the corner for a three ball that creates such a loud “swish” noise that it rings through the opponents head the rest of the game.

See ya when you get here C.J.

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Local Recruits Shine at 2009 King Classic

A day in the year marked to honor a true pioneer in the Civil Rights Movement, January 19 has officially become the one day any hoop fanatic should mark on their calendar to make a trip up to Seattle and see the premiere high school talent in the country. Today at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, a staggering number of Division 1 recruits from the area (as well as one from California) went head-to-head while a number of college coaches watched from the stands. One specific recruit, Abdul Gaddy of Bellarmine Prep, has already signed a letter of intent to play for Washington. 

Here’s a quick rundown on the games featuring potential Huskies…

Kentwood (9-3) vs. Bothell (6-5): Feat. Josh Smith

Kentwood would win the game 55-39 in a game where Smith never really had an offensive groove going. However the big man was able to pull down 18 rebounds, something which would be very handy for the Huskies once Jon Brockman graduates this year. Kentwood features some other talent , notably the athletic junior Tre Tyler, but like any other Kentwood game the focus of the opposing defense was all on Smith. Bothell was able to frustrate Smith, but its quite obvious Kentwood was able to frustrate them given they only scored 39 points. The most significant moment in the game in a Husky fan’s perspective is that when Smith came running out of the tunnel, the entire current Husky team met with him and shared a playful moment with arguably the #1 recruit in the nation for the 2010 class.

Decatur (11-2) vs. Federal Way (12-2): Feat. Marcus Tibbs, Cole Dickerson, Michael Hale, Jerron Smith

This game perhaps did not feature true Division 1 talent (though you could make a case for at least six guys), it was to me the most intriguing game on the schedule. Decatur and Federal Way are fierce rivals, and the intensity of the game is only added by the fact that last year Hale was a Gator and Tibbs was able to return for a fifth year. The game remained close throughout until the second ranked Eagles were able to pull away in the fourth to finally beat the seventh ranked Gators 71-63. Hale stood out for the Eagles by putting in 20, while Jordan McCloud was an awesome 10-10 from the field and ended with 20 for Decatur.

Dominguez (California) vs. Rainier Beach (7-1): Feat. Aaron Dotson

A game that went two overtimes and featured more missed free throws than last year’s Husky team (shockingly possible). The game featured Dotson, who is bound for LSU under Trent Johnson. Dotson was a kid who really became recognized after last season through the press while playing in the shadows of the Gaddy’s, Bradley’s, Smith’s, and Wroten’s of the world. His Rainier Beach team ended up going against a very prominent California school in Dominguez (of Tyson Chandler, Tayshaun Prince, and Dennis Johnson fame). It seemed as if Rainier Beach constantly was playing catch up to Dominguez, and it caught up at the right time when Dotson hit a three at the buzzer to send it into overtime. Both teams had the chance to win in the first OT, but they went a combined 2-13 from the line. Yes, 15% for five minutes of play. In the end Dominguez was able to pull away, but for the fans it was the highlight of the day.

Bellevue (12-1) vs. Bellarmine Prep (7-7): Feat. Abdul Gaddy, Aaron Bright, Alex Schrempf

Another intriguing matchup that put arguably the top point guard in the nation against arguably the top 3A team in the state. Unfortunately for Gaddy, essentially a one man team, Bellarmine’s struggles continued as much of the focus was put on him and the Lions only were able to put up 43 points. The Schrempf (you know you are from the Northwest when you can spell that name) and Bright led Wolverines were able to put great defense on the Lions and control the game throughout. Gaddy did what could be his biggest weakness, and that was feed his teammates too much. But when your the one player that sees constant pressure, it is easy to see why he only went for 11 points (as well as 8 rebounds and 4 assists). For Bright (a kid who could be the next Dotson for his class), he was only able to put up 7 in front of Romar. But his 16.7 points per and record as the Wolverines’ point guard could make him a sleeper recruit.

Franklin (10-0) vs. Garfield (8-1): Feat. Peyton Siva, Tony Wroten

The conventional marquee game on today’s lineup. The two top ranked teams for 3A and 4A went head-to-head that featured a top-50 recruit in Siva for the Class of ’09, and the top recruit for the Class of ’11 in Wroten.

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