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Interview With Former Husky Bobby Jones

Husky fans always loved the dependable Bobby Jones.

A key member of the Husky teams that started the winning tradition Lorenzo Romar has established, Jones finds himself playing in Italy these days for the professional team in Teramo. Bobby was kind enough to answer some questions for Husky fans on life as a former Husky, professional player in Europe, and living life in Italy.

Montlake Fastbreak: How have you adapted to life in Italy so far?

Bobby Jones: Its been a slow process but I’m gettin there. I live by myself and all the other American teammates that live in my building have their wives, or girlfriends living here with them.  Plus they been playing over here for years so they are used to it and know how to deal with the situation better now. With all the free tim I have been able to write more, which was my major in college, so its working out.  I blog ever so often at:

It has been helping me let out a lot with nobody around me everyday to talk to physically.

MFB: How would you compare the style of play, atmosphere, and overall experience of playing overseas as opposed to your experiences in the NBA and D-League in the States?

BJ: I think they play dirtier here if you ask me, and the officiating is definitely different for many reasons.  Its frustrating because I cant feel how they are going to make calls. One moment they let you play aggressive then next minute they call touchy fouls on certain players that shift the whole momentum of the game. We will see how it will pan out with that.

MFB: What do you plan on doing at the end of the season in Italy?

BJ: Well I’m going to split time between Seattle and LA. I have a 3 year old daughter in Seattle and my immediate family in LA, and being over I see neither so I try to see both equally.  As well as continue to train and get ready for the NBA off season, my main goal is to get back to the NBA.

MFB: Do you keep in contact with Justin Dentmon (who is now playing in Israel) at all and talk about the experiences of playing overseas?

BJ: I still talk to JD over the internet.  I keep tabs on him and vice versa.

MFB: What type of role will you have with your team in Teramo?

BJ: I’m still finding that out actually, were off to a slow start here at 2-4.  We havent really found our identity so hopefully we can soon.  I do get to work more on my offensive game here more though which is always good.

MFB: While at Washington you were always a guy that seemed to be doing the right thing all the time. How would you describe your game now as it has evolved since you have left?

BJ: Its pretty much the same just learning the game more and when to do certain things more and less.  You always can get better and be a student of the game as long as you can.

MFB: How much do you keep in touch with former Huskies or work out with them during the offseason?

BJ: I still talk with everybody, some more than others obviously. Usually in the off-season is where the most catching up takes place at.

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