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Quincy Pondexter: Top Senior Draft Prospect

Chad Ford has been covering the NBA Draft for ESPN for a long time and has gained national respect for his insight on the top college and international basketball prospects. Last season Washington fans tracked the national analysis on Jon Brockman to gain an understanding for where he would fall in the draft, this season fans will be scouring for news on Quincy Pondexter.

It appears that it may be a bit easier to track news on Pondexter’s draft status as he has captured the eyes of scouts as a possible first round draft selection. Yesterday Ford only cemented this belief when he had a new blog post on the top seniors in the country.

Guess who was #1…

1. Quincy Pondexter, F, Washington
Draft range: Lottery to late first round

Pondexter came in as a heralded freshman but went on to disappoint his first two-and-a-half years at Washington. He started to come on midway through his junior season and is off to a red-hot start as a senior. Physically, there isn’t anything Pondexter can’t do. He’s one of the top two or three athletes in the draft. His skill set, especially on the offensive end of the floor, has been much slower to develop. However, he has shown major improvement in the past year and could be one of those late bloomers who finally is starting to get it.

If he has a huge year at Washington, and improves his perimeter game, Pondexter is the one senior who has the ability to crack the lottery. If his improvements are more modest, he’s still a potential late first-round pick.

Before arriving at Washington his freshman year, the idea of Pondexter being a one-and-done player was a legitimate thought according to many. While we quickly learned that was not the case, Pondexter’s national resume fell to the point where many though he would not be drafted at all whenever he entered the draft. But like Brandon Roy, Pondexter has gained through staying four years at Washington to build a legitamite lottery type resume for NBA teams.

Following Pondexter’s season as he works to possibly achieving what Ford has laid out for him will be one of the most intriguing stories of the year.

By June, there should be another player on the Tracking Seattle list.

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Behind The Scenes With Quincy Pondexter, Links

Surfing the interwebs for information, and stumbled across a new episode of “Dawg Dish” hosted by Johnny Durocher. The show featured a behind the scenes look with Quincy Pondexter carrying around a FlipCam throughout the day before Midnight Madness. It provides some nice footage of the team and shows just how close the the team is with eachother, a great sign for the season.

Pondexter provides some funny commentary throughout and the 14 minute run time is definitely worth it if you are a Husky Basketball fan. Find the video here.

Percy Allen wrote on the arrival of new assistant coach Raphael Chillious, someone who I have said in the past could have a huge impact on the program because of his ability to recruit at South Kent. But as Allen points out, Chillious offers a bit of coaching ability as well.

Allen also reports that there were two new faces at Husky practice yesterday, meaning that the tryouts could have produced some new Huskies. No word on who they actually are yet, but it is a good sign that they may have been able to add some players to challenge the team in practice. Especially with the flu taking out most of the team the past week.

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated has a new blog, writing on the Washington-Gonzaga series possibly being renewed. Its also where Mark Few delivered his now infamous line, “The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby.”

The Slipper Still Fits, a Gonzaga blog, had this to say about the proposal of renewing the series.

As for the proposal, you really can not blame Gonzaga for turning down the offer to play all games in Seattle. As a fan I want my team to go and play in Spokane as well, its fair and even more enjoyable to possibly go in and quiet the crowd. It makes no sense not to have a series with Gonzaga, its great for the state and its basketball. We are lucky that we live in a state with such great basketball culture, teams, and rivalries; there needs to be a series between the two top schools in the state. I’m sure something will be worked out, but the sooner it is taken care of the better.

MontlakeMadness had a chat with former Husky Jon Brockman. Weird to say former Husky huh?

As for content here, with the season approaching there should be a steady stream coming in. I’ve stockpiled some things so expect write-ups, interviews, previews often.

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Terrence Jones To Sign During The Fall

A great Husky basketball blog that appeared over the summer was MontlakeMadness, and today MontlakeMadness debunked a story by Rivals that said that highly rated Terrence Jones would wait until the spring signing period to announce his college destination.

For Lorenzo Romar it will be a good thing to know if Jones is in the fold or not, especially with the recruitment of Josh Smith still continuing. The Huskies have one more scholarship available for the next recruiting class, and with Desmond Simmons already in the fold, Jones and Smith are the top options for Romar to accept that final spot.

With rumors still circulating that Smith is leaning towards UCLA (I was told two years ago thats where he would likely end up, but obviously things change for teenagers), the recruitment of Jones is incredibly important for Romar. Adding someone of his caliber and talent is needed to continue the recent success of the program.

Should he sign with the Huskies, Jones would instantly fill the starting spot left open by Quincy Pondexter. An opportunity to work with Abdul Gaddy and Isaiah Thomas is probably very intriguing at the moment.

But thanks to MontlakeMadness for the tip.

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Found a Story on Desmond Simmons

Can be found here

Here are some highlights…

His play helped attract various colleges to the small Richmond campus. Schools such as Oregon State, Arizona State, St. Mary’s, Santa Clara, San Jose State and Santa Barbara had offered him scholarships. Other schools starting to show interest in him included Nevada Reno, Providence, Utah and Minnesota. But after thinking long and hard about what was in front of him, Simmons decided to end his basketball recruitment and verbally commit to Lorenzo Romar and the University of Washington Huskies.

“I think Washington is a good fit for me,” said Simmons.  “I liked the campus and the basketball program.”

Simmons said he was sold on Coach Romar as a coach who can relate with his players. He said that he wanted to verbally commit early to get it out of the way, so he can just concentrate on having a solid senior season without being harassed by college coaches.

Here is a comparison about his game made in the story…

“Desmond is a Dennis Rodman type with a jump shot,” said Foster. “He can play multiple positions and he has the ability to impact the game at every facet.” 

One of the things that stands out about Simmons the most is his high level of activity on the court. He is involved on almost all facets of plays on both ends of the court, as he has a hunger for the ball. 

“He blocks shots, gets into the passing lanes and gets on loose balls,” continued Foster. “He has the ability to score around the rim and he has a nice shooting touch out to 18 feet.”

Dennis Rodman, not too shabby.

But I should I have a Floyd reaction up tomorrow, might even go podcast with it. The Nick Montana news got me fired up and distracted. The story about his commitment can be found here, at the homepage. Exclusive interview!

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Jon Brockman Uses Twitter to his Advantage

Jon Brockman almost created one of the most significant stories in University of Washington athletic history when he began “tweeting” about the possibility that he would play one year of college football for the Huskies. In a span of a few minutes he mentioned playing tight end and “always having a dream to play football.”

I have not caught on to the whole Twitter phenomenon that is occurring, but I will admit that it is fun to get some sort of a personal interaction with some celebrities who actually tweet themselves. Brockman fooling many fans is just one great example of this.

But also what Brockman’s barrage of tweets signals that he still has not explained his disappearance from the NBA combine. Evidently in his tweets he does not feel the need to explain why he missed the combine, so I would believe that all is going well for him right now where he feels comfortable about his basketball situation.

Now I feel ridiculous for saying “tweet” so many times.

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A Poll and Some Links

With all of the discussion regarding lineups here and on the RealDawg forums, a common talking point was the idea that Darnell Gant was a “lock” for the starting lineup. So here’s a poll asking how many of you think that Gant will be awarded a starting spot in time for the first game next season…


Jon Wilner discusses the possibility of a Pac-10 Network: Personally I would love a Pac-10 Network just because of how much I dislike FSN’s coverage of college basketball. It did improve for the Huskies a bit last season whenever Kevin Calabro was able to call games, but a network dedicated to the conference and its news 24/7 would be incredible.

Chad Ford has a story on James Harden prepping for the NBA Draft: While I could care less about the NBA, its interesting to follow some of the premiere Pac-10 players as they move on from their college career to the riches of the NBA. Ford brings up the possibility of Harden being a top-5 pick, something that seemed to be slipping lately.

Andy Katz briefly writes about the perceived “lack of star power” in the Pac-10 next year: You will be able to find that near the bottom of the blog entry, very brief. But I also wanted to point this out because he mentions he talked to Pac-10 coaches and administrators about who will stand out next year as possible first team conference players, with Isaiah Thomas and Quincy Pondexter being listed.

Pat Forde has a story on the Renardo Sidney roller coaster recruitment: Sidney was headed to USC next fall, but instead decided to sign with Mississippi State. This was one of the big news stories for USC to couple with the Mayo/Floyd scandal as of late. It was expected that Sidney would be an x-factor for the Trojans next year, but USC realized the difficulty Sidney could be and ultimately passed.

News broke that Noel Johnson was released from his LOI with USC: Just to add on to Floyd’s troubles, one of his top gets in the ’09 recruiting class was Johnson, who he enticed to come to USC all of the way from Georgia. Besides Sidney and Johnson, Floyd had already lost highly rated Solomon Hill to Arizona.

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Incredible Tony Wroten Article

While this article was written all of the way back in February, I thought I would share it for those who have yet to been able to read it.

The article comes from the Garfield Messenger, the student run newspaper at Garfield High School. May I applaud them, because not only this story on Tony Wroten, but the newspaper itself seems as if it is pretty incredible for being student run and at the high school level.

I have an opinion on Wroten that I am debating putting up on the blog based purely on a basketball standpoint, but this article goes much deeper past the basketball and into his personality.

Here are some highlights from the article accompanied with some reaction comments… Continue reading

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