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Oregon Live Game Blog

2:14- 103-84 Final, four Huskies with over 20 points.

2:08- Game finally getting back into the same flow it was earlier, 100-77 Huskies.

1:56- Weird second half, only a fifteen point lead right now, led by Tajuan Porter, 83-68 Huskies.

1:45- Oregon has made their last four three point attempts, it would be nice to see a better perimeter defense for the Huskies. 70-52 Huskies.

1:38- One of those strange halves when Oregon is playing well enough to keep up with the Dawgs but make no damage done in the score. They have begun pressing a lot more when Washington brings up the ball and when they cross the half-court line which has caused some turnovers, but overall it the Huskies still keeping a comfortable lead.

1:17- To start the half, Brockman lays down a sick spin move on Michael Dunigan for a nice lay in. 51-25 Huskies.

1:00- Dentmon then hits a buzzer beater at the half on a beautiful runner. 49-25 Huskies at the half.

12:58- Dentmon throws down a dunk after stealing the ball. I don’t remember the last time Dentmon dunked a ball, perhaps a symbol of his senior season. Turner then draws a foul and hits 1-2 for a 47-23 Husky lead.

12:56- Venoy hits an awkward runner that falls through the net after an Oregon three.

12:54- Perhaps a symbol for the type of game Oregon is having, Tajuan Porter misses both free throws when he was a 91% shooter.

12:47- Huskies on a long scoring run right now, have taken complete control of the game with a 38-19 lead.

12:40- THIS is why College Basketball is the best. Isaiah leads an absolute sick offensive trip down the court in which every player touches the ball and ends with Dentmon hitting a three. Then after forcing another turnover, Quincy hits a long two. ALl the momentum has been with the Huskies the entire game, 32-16 Huskies.

12:35- Romar calls a timeout after a quick four point swing that featured an ugly turnover by Isaiah. 25-16 Huskies.

12:30- Venoy finds Dentmon for a three after losing control for a bit, 21-8 Huskies.

12:24- Dentmon saves the ball from going out of bounds to find Justin Holiday on the base line on an awesome pass, Holiday heads to the line and hits 1-2, 15-8 Huskies.

12:20- On the other end Venoy finds Brockman on an awesome pass with the chance for an And-1, converts for a 14-4 Husky lead.

12:18- Nice post move by Amaning with the shot at the And-1, converts for a 11-4 Husky lead.

12:14- Big deal of the day is that UCLA has lost to Arizona down in Tucson, with a win Huskies firmly in first place.

12:12- Huskies dominating so far, led by Thomas and Dentmon’s teamwork. 8-0 Huskies.

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Stanford Live Game Blog

4:30- After two pointless baskets, UW wins the game 75-68. Venoy, Quincy, and Isaiah were all HUGE today. Especially Venoy, I’ll give him my POTG right now.

4:28- Pondexter nails 1-2, Stanford misses two three point attempts. Venoy now headed to the line with 16 seconds left in the game and up by ten.

4:27- Venoy makes an excellent move after UW milks the clock and nails a runner to put the Huskies up by nine at 72-63. Looks like the streak is over!

4:25- Venoy misses 1-1, but Brockman secures rebound and hands off to Dentmon who gets fouled. Now in the double bonus. Dentmon hits both, seven point lead.

4:23- Thomas HUGE basket after a double clutch. Stanford misses three twice, UW ball, five point lead.

4:22- Bad turnover on inbounds pass, Landry Fields hits a shot on the other end. Three point game. Huskies NEED a basket.

4:18- Q hits two big free throws, back to a six point lead. Need a stop.

4:15- After forcing a turnover, Dentmon takes hurried shot that leads to huge dunk for Stanford. Four point game.

4:13- Lots of turnovers for the Huskies, Stanford has cut the lead to five. Gant makes a 15 footer, 64-57 Huskies.

4:05- On missed Elston Turner three, Quincy gets a rebound a heads to the line and nails both. 58-48 Huskies. Huge play by Q.

4:04- Stanford making a bit of a run, now 56-48 game on a 7-0 Stanford run.

3:57- MBA suddenly makes two nice baskets, and two nice rebounds that lead to baskets. 54-41 Huskies.

3:52- Venoy just playing extremely well today, really pushing the ball. However MBA missed another open shot and is now 0-5. 48-38 Huskies.

3:42- Dentmon picks up two really quick fouls to have four. There have been a ton of fouls called already, fifth already with only three minutes into the half. 42-34 Huskies.

3:21- Brockman nails two FT’s to put the Huskies up 35-34 at halftime. Venoy and Quincy playing incredible today.

3:16- Venoy with an excellent move through traffic with a sick lay in, Huskies take the lead, but is immediately matched by a three on the other side. 32-31 Stanford.

3:12- MBA just can not get it going of late. I believe he is 0-4 today, just seems out of touch. Would be huge if he could get it going to create another low post threat so some pressure is taken off Brockman. 29-29 heading into a break.

3:09- Huskies have been playing very well defensively ever since Venoy has gotten it going, 29-27 Stanford.

3:04- Bit of a run now lead by Pondexter who has eleven. Thomas just made a lay-in and has an and-1 opportunity. Misses the FT (0-3 today), 25-21 Stanford.

2:59- Huskies are not looking good right now, lots of hurried shots, poor defense, and little boxing out. 21-15 Stanford.

2:48- Somehow we miss a 5-1 opportunity that turns into an uncontested dunk on the other side. 12-11 Stanford.

2:44- First break in the action, game is tied at nine. Seems like Stanford has an answer for each positive thing made by UW. Need to get that defense going right now as well as finding Brockman down low.

2:42- Dentmon with a HUGE block with Isaiah heading to the line after the turnover. Justin jumped incredibly high for that. However Isaiah misses both FT’s. 7-4 Huskies.

2:41- Pondexter now nails a three on his second shot, Quincy playing well could be huge. 7-4 Huskies

2:40- Pondexter nails a jumper in his first shot of the day, UW leads 4-2

2:37- Huskies win tip-off, with Dentmon making an awkward shot. Good to start the game off well, with a turnover on Stanford’s first possession.

2:32- Waiting for tip off, big game for the Dawgs today.

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UCLA Live Game Blog

3:17- Huskies win 86-75, now in SOLE POSSESSION of first place in the Pac-10.

3:14- Dentmon hits both free throws, next possession Isaiah forces turnover on Jrue Holiday. Isaiah converts a layup on the other end of a dish by Dentmon. 85-70 Huskies and I can finally relax and accept there is going to be a victory.

3:12- Jerime Anderson hits a runner after a terrible call by the officials when the ball hit of Collison’s foot. Isaiah hits both free throws on the other end.

3:08- Roll misses a free throw and Brockman grabs a monster free throw. Dentmon draws the foul and hits both free throws. 79-66 Washington with 1:36 to go.

3:07- Dentmon with a runner, force a turnover on Collison, Thomas draws a foul. 77-68 Washington.

3:01- Dentmon steals the ball from Collison and ends up hitting a nice runner to put the Huskies up by six.

2:59- Romar takes a timeout with 4:47 to go. Huskies are up 70-66 and a basket here could be pivotal.

2:53- 67-66 Washington, 6:07 left to play in the game.

2:44- Isaiah with another three after a Pondexter turnaround jumper. 63-58.

2:41- Thomas hits another three, matched by a Dragovic three. Then steal by UCLA for a Dragovic dunk, tie game at 58.

2:35- UCLA takes a timeout after Isaiah hits a three pointer. 55-53 Washington. Isaiah now has 12 for the game. Dentmon picked up his fourth so we wont see him for awhile.

2:33- Thomas hits 1-2 free throws, another tie game at 52.

2:30- Technical foul on Aboya, good opportunity for the Huskies. Dentmon hits both free throws, 52-51 UCLA.

2:29: Shipp hits two straight threes, 52-49 UCLA. Shipp has 20, going off today.

2:27- Brockman to the line for another And-1 opprotunity off a nice read by Holiday, already the 6th team foul on UCLA. Brockman hits the free throw, 49-46 Washington.

Halftime- Brockman leads the Huskies with 9, Shipp for UCLA with 12. Nice stat to see Washington is 11-12 at the charity stripe while UCLA is 3-6. Continuing to get to the line could be a big stat. As of halftime UCLA is out rebounding the Huskies; Washington of course leads the nation is rebound differential.

1:57- Holiday hits a three with two seconds left to bring the Huskies to within one, trail UCLA 39-38. Isaiah appeared to give up a wide open three to dish it to a wide open Holiday in the corner.

1:51- Overton converts awesome And-1 opportunity, 32-29 Huskies

1:49- Brockman hits both, 29-28 Huskies. Followed up by a terrible reach in call that gives Overton a foul. Drew Gordon to the line and hits one of two, 29-29 game now.

1:48- Huskies force a shot clock violation, another shot at taking the lead. Throw down to Brockman, going to the line to possibly take the lead for the first time in the game.

1:45- Another break, Huskies can’t convert on some opportunities to take the lead, trail by one at 28-27. Isaiah somehow sandwiched his way through the key and suddenly found himself with a wide open opportunity. But appeared he had no idea he would be able to be in that situation and threw a contested shot up despite the fact no one was there to contest it.

1:37- Break in the action, Shipp leads the Bruins with 12 points on 4-5 shooting. Brockman rebounding nicely from USC game with 7 points on 3-3 shooting.24-21 UCLA.

1:33- Nice pass from Holiday to Brockman who matches Shipp by converting And-1 conversion. 22-19 UCLA.

1:30- Overton with a nice little running tear drop. His play today could end up being the difference with much pressure on Isaiah and Thomas facing a lot of pressure. 19-16 UCLA.

1:25- Holiday coming in now, but Venoy came up a little lame after an assist he drove down low. With Dentmon with two fouls it is crucial he stays in. Shipp has nailed two threes in the meantime. 17-12 UCLA.

1:21- All of a sudden a quick change of momentum as Brockman destroys Drew Gordon on the baseline for another lay in, another forced turnover, and Venoy leads a fast break and finishes with a finger roll. Now 9-7 UCLA

1:19- Brockman puts in first Husky field goal with a slick up-an-under. Immediately after Washington forces a turnover.

1:16- Huskies are looking frantic out there right now. Score is now 9-1 and Washington is still without a field goal. Could be time to put Holiday in right now to keep some pressure on the guards of UCLA, one of which is his younger brother Jrue.

1:13- Gant puts the first point on the board for the Huskies, misses second. 7-1 UCLA

1:11- Dentmon picks up a quick second foul, not good at all for the Huskies

1:09- UCLA first to score, Aboya posted up Brockman pretty well. When Aboy plays well, UCLA is an incredibly dangerous team.

1:06- Starters the same for the Dawgs, Dragovic is in the starting lineup for the Bruins. His performance could be crucial seeing as how he kept the Bruins from losing to the Cougars on Thursday.

1:03- Waiting for the game to start, here’s a preview from the Baltimore Sun in the meantime. Shows how the national press is beginning to take notice of the Huskies and of how big this game is.

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