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MFB Hall-Of-Fame Induction #1

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The Montlake Fast Break Hall-Of-Fame

I was trying to think of some more ways to have some interaction with the subscribers and readers of RealDawg, and one idea that I think could actually be some damn good fun was to create an interactive Hall-of-Fame where you guys decide who gets in and who gets out.

But this will not be any ordinary Hall-of-Fame where the same guys are in the same category. To be more clear, if you are in any other Hall-of-Fame you are technically at the same level as someone who also was voted in. Such as Jim Rice is a member of the Baseball Hall-of-Fame and so is Babe Ruth, but there is no question that Ruth was the better player and did more for baseball than Rice.

So using an idea proposed by Bill Simmons awhile back, I’m thinking using a pyramid scheme (trust me, its okay to do this) for the Montlake Fastbreak Hall-of-Fame.

Obviously this Hall-of-Fame would be for Husky basketball players and coaches, maybe even ushers if you appreciated the story about George Hickman as much as I did. Anyone who is associated with Husky basketball can be voted it. Heck, maybe even Jamaal Crawford since he is as much as a Husky these days than a Michigan Wolverine.

But the way we would go about voting guys/gals into the MFB Hall-of-Fame would be with a poll with a group of people to see who would be inducted. For example we could have Brandon Roy, Paul Fortier, Barbara Hedges (for hiring Romar, I’m just throwing out names to demonstrate the idea of someone associated with the program), Todd McCullough, and Bob Houbregs. Out of those five someone is voted in to be inducted into the Hall-of-Fame (most likely Roy).

After someone is inducted there is another poll to see if they should be inducted into the next level of the Hall-of-Fame. Should they be inducted there will be another poll to see if they should be inducted at the next level. I’m thinking three levels would be best so that it does not get repetitive for voting for the same person.

One induction every month would be something I think everyone could handle, and would work out if we did one poll per week should an inductee keep on advancing as there would be three polls in one month, leaving a break in between at the end of the month.

I’ll continue using the Brandon Roy example for a more visual example.

Week One: Roy is voted out of the five options to be the next inductee to the MFB Hall-of-Fame

Week Two: Roy is voted into the next level of the MFB Hall-of-Fame

Week Three: Roy is voted into the highest level of the MFB Hall-of-Fame

Now for someone such as a Tre Simmons, he may only get voted into the first level as opposed to the second highest level.

Here would be the criteria for the three levels, with you guys deciding if the newest inductee does indeed fit that criteria.

Level One

This Husky provided a great service for the Washington basketball team by being a key contributor to building a great program.

Level Two

This Husky was one of the leaders of the team and was one of the most important factors to building a successful program. Someone who could be relied upon and did great things for the team.

Level Three

Someone who will go down as a legend in the program, one of the best at what they do. This Husky can be used as a recruiting pitch because of their success (I like how it ends up with level three, Roy’s number).

So hopefully this works out, I figure I will set up a page next to the “About” section where all the inductees will go. Hopefully this will provide some interaction and activity at times when there is not much to report on (i.e. this summer).

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