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All Black The New Color For Huskies

Twitter has opened up the world to fans who wish to get to know celebrities on a bit more personal level. It also has been the source for new information to accidentally leak, such as when Matthew Bryan-Amaning let Husky Nation know a bit earlier that Husky Hoopla was to be on ESPN.

Today we find a bit of news from Isaiah Thomas, who took a picture of new Washington basketball uniforms. Apparently the school has hooked up with Nike to put together an all black alternate uniform. What this means for the gold alternates is unknown, but for now it appears that we will see the Huskies in some new threads at times this season.

I’ve never been a big fan of schools adopting an all black uniform if it was not part of the school’s primary colors, so I’m indifferent about these. But there is no doubt that the team likes the new uniforms, and sometimes the school’s uniforms can actually help sway a recruit. So if a black alternate makes the players happy, I’m okay with it.

I still would love to see a return of the Roy era uniforms, so clean and classic.

Here’s the new uniform…

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Q-Walk the New Husky Anthem

Last year it appeared that the Husky anthem for the season was Soulja Boy’s “Get Yo Swag On”, now apparently the team has taken the initiative to create their own song for the 2009-2010 season. While Soulja Boy is not among my favorite artists at all, the song became a rallying cry for the team. It is safe to say this song is a step in a better direction.

Darnell Gant, Justin Holiday, and Tyreese Breshers recorded the song “Q-Walk”, apparently in honor of team captain Quincy Pondexter. Its a basic beat that have the three Husky players rapping over describing the team and the new dance move “Q-Walk.”

Now the first thing that came to mind when I saw this alluded to on Facebook was panic. Too many times have there been athletes that record a rap song there are controversial or hateful lyrics that gives the team a bad reputation. But the entire song was clean and rather enjoyable.

The only thing to take out of this is that the team is maintaining its great chemistry from last season, maybe even having better chemistry now that they have been together for another year.

Until the season starts, maybe do the “Q-Walk” for yourself. Link to the song below.

“Q-Walk” – B.F.A.M.

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Percy Allen Takes Over Seattle Times Coverage

If you follow Husky hoops, than more than likely you make multiple visits per day to the Seattle Times to read what Bob Condotta has to say about the Dawgs in his basketball blog. Yesterday we learned that Bob will now be focusing primarily on football while the very talented Percy Allen will be taking over the hoops aspect of Washington athletics.

For someone who is writing in the form of a blog, Bob’s work was obviously a form of inspiration. Percy points out the fact that Bob’s work was that of a pioneer, and you will not hear anything different from me.

But it is exciting that Husky Hoops will have a full time writer on hand in Percy Allen, who always did a phenomenal job with the coverage of the Sonics. I always wondered what the Seattle Times would do with Percy after the team left, and I am delighted that they have found a great role for him with covering Husky basketball.

So congratulations Percy (if you ever read this); with your new role you get to brag to your friends and family that your name is now a category on this Husky basketball blog.

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Thomas To Go Bald As MBA Takes Twitter Crown

Husky basketball fans got their share of Twitter action yesterday when Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning took part in a friendly competition to see who would reach 500 followers first. Unfortunately for the loser they would have to go bald upon MBA coming back to the states.

MBA proved to be too much as almost the entire Husky team took part in the Twitter battle, cheering on both sides to come up with creative ideas to entice fans to follow. Thomas offered his game worn jersey that was played in the Purdue tournament game to a random follower should he have won, with MBA offering two game worn pieces of clothing to two random followers should he win.

MBA also took the initiative to create a YouTube video pleading for subscribers.

No matter who won, it was nice to see the great team chemistry from last year carrying over. Teammates who took part in the battle included Thomas, MBA, C.J. Wilcox, Abdul Gaddy, Clarence Trent, and the Twitter veteran Quincy Pondexter.

But after the final result in which MBA won by about a margin of thirty, Thomas will be going bald.

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OT- UW Softball Advances to College World Series, Update

Just wanted to congratulate the Washington softball team on advancing to the Championship round. Never even thought about the softball team before recently, but any possible title being won deserves recognition. Hopefully Florida gets their ass beat in the final.

Anyway it has been a few busy days for me, but I will be pumping out some more articles soon. Yesterday was the first time in the three weeks of the blog I have missed a day posting, so I would like to apologize for that. But as the season draws closer there should be more stories to talk about and report.

We are beginning this in the very slowest time of college basketball as there is little recruiting news and the season is months away.

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