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Post-Game Reaction: Oregon (Game 2)

This game was an obvious win for the Huskies before the game, at the beginning of the game, in the middle of the game, and at the end of the game. There was never any question that the Dawgs would not come away with the win against the hapless Ducks.

The game featured prolific scoring from Justin Dentmon, Isaiah Thomas, Jon Brockman, and Quincy Pondexter. All four are the main glue guys on the team who should be the ones producing the most, so it is nice to see all four of them scoring efficiently this late in the season in the middle of a Pac-10 title race. All four were able to score over 20 points, which may be a first in Husky history according to the stat people.

The first half for the Dawgs was about as well played as you can get. The second, err; not as much. Allowing over 80 points to the Ducks when you had allowed just over 20 in the first half is inexcusable.

Of course Tajuan Porter became ridiculous in the second, but there is still no way that Oregon should have finished with 84 points when they only scored 25. A problem for the team this year is that they have not played an effective “40 minutes of basketball” consistently, so seeing the second half struggles may be a little cause of concern here in the stretch run for the conference title.

Detmon should win Pac-10 Player-of-the-Week for his efforts. He shot efficiently, found players for assists, and nailed the long ball at a high percentage in both games. Of course Arizona is scorching at the moment, so Nic Wise or Jordan Hill could come in and take it at the last second.


Next up we have the LA area schools, and a win over UCLA would be absolutely huge towards winning the conference title. USC is losing its chance at the title after falling to ASU tonight, so a loss there would not be devastating. The Dawgs need to come away with at least one victory though. It is one of those situations where you would take a split in a nano-second.


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Oregon Live Game Blog

2:14- 103-84 Final, four Huskies with over 20 points.

2:08- Game finally getting back into the same flow it was earlier, 100-77 Huskies.

1:56- Weird second half, only a fifteen point lead right now, led by Tajuan Porter, 83-68 Huskies.

1:45- Oregon has made their last four three point attempts, it would be nice to see a better perimeter defense for the Huskies. 70-52 Huskies.

1:38- One of those strange halves when Oregon is playing well enough to keep up with the Dawgs but make no damage done in the score. They have begun pressing a lot more when Washington brings up the ball and when they cross the half-court line which has caused some turnovers, but overall it the Huskies still keeping a comfortable lead.

1:17- To start the half, Brockman lays down a sick spin move on Michael Dunigan for a nice lay in. 51-25 Huskies.

1:00- Dentmon then hits a buzzer beater at the half on a beautiful runner. 49-25 Huskies at the half.

12:58- Dentmon throws down a dunk after stealing the ball. I don’t remember the last time Dentmon dunked a ball, perhaps a symbol of his senior season. Turner then draws a foul and hits 1-2 for a 47-23 Husky lead.

12:56- Venoy hits an awkward runner that falls through the net after an Oregon three.

12:54- Perhaps a symbol for the type of game Oregon is having, Tajuan Porter misses both free throws when he was a 91% shooter.

12:47- Huskies on a long scoring run right now, have taken complete control of the game with a 38-19 lead.

12:40- THIS is why College Basketball is the best. Isaiah leads an absolute sick offensive trip down the court in which every player touches the ball and ends with Dentmon hitting a three. Then after forcing another turnover, Quincy hits a long two. ALl the momentum has been with the Huskies the entire game, 32-16 Huskies.

12:35- Romar calls a timeout after a quick four point swing that featured an ugly turnover by Isaiah. 25-16 Huskies.

12:30- Venoy finds Dentmon for a three after losing control for a bit, 21-8 Huskies.

12:24- Dentmon saves the ball from going out of bounds to find Justin Holiday on the base line on an awesome pass, Holiday heads to the line and hits 1-2, 15-8 Huskies.

12:20- On the other end Venoy finds Brockman on an awesome pass with the chance for an And-1, converts for a 14-4 Husky lead.

12:18- Nice post move by Amaning with the shot at the And-1, converts for a 11-4 Husky lead.

12:14- Big deal of the day is that UCLA has lost to Arizona down in Tucson, with a win Huskies firmly in first place.

12:12- Huskies dominating so far, led by Thomas and Dentmon’s teamwork. 8-0 Huskies.

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