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The Family

Welcome Romarville Faithful!

After contacting Ruth, I discussed with her about the possibility of contributing to the site again. I then pitched an idea to Ruth about utilizing this blog I started in the winter as an experiment to make this a key feature of RealDawg’s basketball coverage. Through this blog I will be able to update and write much more often so it does not always have to be posted on the main site.

Next I would like to apologize to the entire RealDawg family. As many of you know, I was handed the amazing opportunity to handle the basketball coverage last summer. I did some stories about recruits and my friend Austin Seferian-Jenkins, but then mysteriously disappeared into the world of the college lifestyle. Throughout the year I continued to kick myself for acting so immaturely, but did not seek to contact Ruth until a few days ago. So to all of you, I am sorry.

But believe me; I missed the RealDawg community. I always loved discussing the Dawgs with you, and I am happy to inform you that I never ONCE typed in into my browser during my disappearance to achieve my Husky information fix (thank god for Bob Condotta and the brief article previews at RealDawg).

I just concluded my freshman year at PLU, so hopefully with the time I have this summer and in the future, we will be able to build a great source for Husky basketball.

I should be activating a new membership soon so I can begin discussing the quest to defend the Pac-10 title for the basketball team and the construction of the next great football program in America under Coach Sark!

Once again, I apologize for letting the members of RealDawg down; but now its time for some basketball coverage!



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