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Should Jrue Holiday Stay in the Draft…

Now honestly, I do not care for the NBA in any sense after the disturbing exit of the Sonics from Seattle. Even before the exit of my hometown team I was growing frustrated with the lack of effort, style of play, incredibly overdone entertainment aspects, and many other things. I will stop short just because I could go on forever about my frustrations with what could be the greatest in the world.

One of the few things that the NBA has made positive change to was their draft requirement change, essentially forcing prospects to attend college for a year. While the likes of Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler have earned attention for going to Europe to avoid college and play professionally, overall the college game is receiving prospects such as Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose to come for a year and making the college basketball season that much more incredible as opposed to never coming.

It can be said that the one year removed rule caused for Jrue Holiday to attend UCLA for a season as opposed to heading straight to the NBA. While normally I would not update on the status of a UCLA player, the decision of Holiday to stay or opt out of the draft has a major effect on the Huskies. Continue reading


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Post-Game Reaction: UCLA (Game 1)

Thank god for Justin Dentmon.

After the last two seasons, who would have ever thought that any Husky fan would make a statement like that. Despite the fact that he faced foul trouble throughout the game, Dentmon as able to stick the UCLA Bruins for 16 points (in 17 minutes) and 2 steals to spark another Husky victory. Lorenzo Romar spoke highly of Dentmon after the game in his press conference saying that he has “never been more proud of a player.”

In some funny way, I feel the exact same as Romar. One reason why I love seeing guys stick around for four years is that you truly see them evolve as a player. Not only physically, but mentally as well. Compare film of Dentmon from last year and Dentmon from this year and you have a completely different player. Romar also said that right now Justin is playing at the level of an All Conference player; and it is hard to disagree with him on that. But that’s another article for another day.

This 86-75 victory will most definitely put the Huskies into the next Top-25; how high in the poll is the only question that remains. Beating the Bruins in this type of fashion will do nothing but good things for the Huskies. If anything they showed that they have the ability of beating what was the most praised team in the Pac-10 at the beginning of the year handily. Never would I have been able to predict that a team that lost to Portland would be atop the Pac-10 standings.

Isaiah Thomas continued to prove he is the top freshman in the conference, scoring 24 points and igniting the Huskies in the second half which would lead to victory. His three second half three pointers are what really got the team moving, as well as his excellent read to find Justin Holiday in the corner for a buzzer beating three at the end of the first half to pull the Huskies to within one. 

It’s a beautiful sight to see Isaiah already making a significant footprint in the Pac-10 when after this season we are likely to have him for another three seasons. Talk about a program changer.

One more round of applause has to go to Jon Brockman, who after a dreadful game against USC, went for 18 points on a very efficient 5-8 night. To further prove he had forgotten about the game on Thursday, he was able to convert 8-10 free throws. His defense on Alfred Aboya was crucial to allow the Huskies to dominate in the paint. 

While I give player of the game to Dentmon, all three Husky guards may deserve MVP. Along with Isaiah and Dentmon, Venoy Overton was ruthless in driving to the rim and drawing fouls. This would lead to 43 attempts to the charity stripe compared to UCLA’s 15.

While many UCLA fans complained this was because of Dave Libbey, it was quite obvious during the game that the foul calls were warranted. Ben Howland even echoed everything I’m saying in his press conference. If anything, Libbey and his crew thought that Quincy Pondexter has lethal hands because of how many hand checks they called on him. There was a point where three consecutive fouls were called on Q in a very short sequence.

Overall it was an incredible game. I didn’t think the Huskies would end up winning so convincingly seeing as how back-and-forth it was till halfway through the second half, but that demonstrates how different of a Husky team this is compared to the last two seasons.

Up next is a road trip to the Arizona schools. Should be an interesting week as the media begin to take a closer look at this first place team.

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UCLA Live Game Blog

3:17- Huskies win 86-75, now in SOLE POSSESSION of first place in the Pac-10.

3:14- Dentmon hits both free throws, next possession Isaiah forces turnover on Jrue Holiday. Isaiah converts a layup on the other end of a dish by Dentmon. 85-70 Huskies and I can finally relax and accept there is going to be a victory.

3:12- Jerime Anderson hits a runner after a terrible call by the officials when the ball hit of Collison’s foot. Isaiah hits both free throws on the other end.

3:08- Roll misses a free throw and Brockman grabs a monster free throw. Dentmon draws the foul and hits both free throws. 79-66 Washington with 1:36 to go.

3:07- Dentmon with a runner, force a turnover on Collison, Thomas draws a foul. 77-68 Washington.

3:01- Dentmon steals the ball from Collison and ends up hitting a nice runner to put the Huskies up by six.

2:59- Romar takes a timeout with 4:47 to go. Huskies are up 70-66 and a basket here could be pivotal.

2:53- 67-66 Washington, 6:07 left to play in the game.

2:44- Isaiah with another three after a Pondexter turnaround jumper. 63-58.

2:41- Thomas hits another three, matched by a Dragovic three. Then steal by UCLA for a Dragovic dunk, tie game at 58.

2:35- UCLA takes a timeout after Isaiah hits a three pointer. 55-53 Washington. Isaiah now has 12 for the game. Dentmon picked up his fourth so we wont see him for awhile.

2:33- Thomas hits 1-2 free throws, another tie game at 52.

2:30- Technical foul on Aboya, good opportunity for the Huskies. Dentmon hits both free throws, 52-51 UCLA.

2:29: Shipp hits two straight threes, 52-49 UCLA. Shipp has 20, going off today.

2:27- Brockman to the line for another And-1 opprotunity off a nice read by Holiday, already the 6th team foul on UCLA. Brockman hits the free throw, 49-46 Washington.

Halftime- Brockman leads the Huskies with 9, Shipp for UCLA with 12. Nice stat to see Washington is 11-12 at the charity stripe while UCLA is 3-6. Continuing to get to the line could be a big stat. As of halftime UCLA is out rebounding the Huskies; Washington of course leads the nation is rebound differential.

1:57- Holiday hits a three with two seconds left to bring the Huskies to within one, trail UCLA 39-38. Isaiah appeared to give up a wide open three to dish it to a wide open Holiday in the corner.

1:51- Overton converts awesome And-1 opportunity, 32-29 Huskies

1:49- Brockman hits both, 29-28 Huskies. Followed up by a terrible reach in call that gives Overton a foul. Drew Gordon to the line and hits one of two, 29-29 game now.

1:48- Huskies force a shot clock violation, another shot at taking the lead. Throw down to Brockman, going to the line to possibly take the lead for the first time in the game.

1:45- Another break, Huskies can’t convert on some opportunities to take the lead, trail by one at 28-27. Isaiah somehow sandwiched his way through the key and suddenly found himself with a wide open opportunity. But appeared he had no idea he would be able to be in that situation and threw a contested shot up despite the fact no one was there to contest it.

1:37- Break in the action, Shipp leads the Bruins with 12 points on 4-5 shooting. Brockman rebounding nicely from USC game with 7 points on 3-3 shooting.24-21 UCLA.

1:33- Nice pass from Holiday to Brockman who matches Shipp by converting And-1 conversion. 22-19 UCLA.

1:30- Overton with a nice little running tear drop. His play today could end up being the difference with much pressure on Isaiah and Thomas facing a lot of pressure. 19-16 UCLA.

1:25- Holiday coming in now, but Venoy came up a little lame after an assist he drove down low. With Dentmon with two fouls it is crucial he stays in. Shipp has nailed two threes in the meantime. 17-12 UCLA.

1:21- All of a sudden a quick change of momentum as Brockman destroys Drew Gordon on the baseline for another lay in, another forced turnover, and Venoy leads a fast break and finishes with a finger roll. Now 9-7 UCLA

1:19- Brockman puts in first Husky field goal with a slick up-an-under. Immediately after Washington forces a turnover.

1:16- Huskies are looking frantic out there right now. Score is now 9-1 and Washington is still without a field goal. Could be time to put Holiday in right now to keep some pressure on the guards of UCLA, one of which is his younger brother Jrue.

1:13- Gant puts the first point on the board for the Huskies, misses second. 7-1 UCLA

1:11- Dentmon picks up a quick second foul, not good at all for the Huskies

1:09- UCLA first to score, Aboya posted up Brockman pretty well. When Aboy plays well, UCLA is an incredibly dangerous team.

1:06- Starters the same for the Dawgs, Dragovic is in the starting lineup for the Bruins. His performance could be crucial seeing as how he kept the Bruins from losing to the Cougars on Thursday.

1:03- Waiting for the game to start, here’s a preview from the Baltimore Sun in the meantime. Shows how the national press is beginning to take notice of the Huskies and of how big this game is.

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