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Quincy Pondexter Has Arrived

When Lorenzo Romar strolls onto the podium for Pac-10 media day, he will bring along his most important player and team leader to accompany him to answer the media’s questions on how the Huskies figure to defend their conference title. This was an honor previously held by the likes of Brandon Roy and Jon Brockman, two giants in the history of University of Washington basketball. But today a new leader will be sitting on the podium for Washington, and that player is Quincy Pondexter.

Pondexter, someone who every Husky fan had nightmares about with the thought of him being the leader of a Husky team. If a Husky fan was asked how comfortable they were with that idea during the middle of his sophomore season, most would have shuddered with fear. Ask the same question today and a much more positive response would be given.

Out of the former players who have represented the Huskies, nobody has endured as much of a roller coaster ride as Pondexter. Coming out of California, Pondexter was a widely regarded five star prospect with the ability to perhaps be a one-and-done player. His athleticism and ability to create were unmatched at the high school level. Now he was bringing his game to the college level in a recruiting class that ranked among the top-5 in the country.

With Spencer Hawes, Adrian Oliver, and Phil Nelson being the other incoming freshman, it spoke volumes that Pondexter was getting the second most attention (after the local standout Hawes) out of everyone in the class when each one could have been a headliner for any other school’s recruiting class.

In his first game as a Husky, Pondexter did not disappoint by putting in 21 points and grabbing 7 rebounds as a freshman starter. At that point it seemed very obvious that at the end of the season Romar would be saying goodbye to two freshman, not just Hawes.

Fast forward to the beginning of last season and Pondexter saw his freshman season fall off the map, a disappointing sophomore campaign in which it seemed every fan had him in their doghouse, and the Huskies coming off two straight seasons without an appearance in the NCAA tournament when people were dreaming of Final Fours after Pondexter’s first game.

Maybe it should not have been a surprise that when expectations for the Huskies and Pondexter were at its lowest ever that both would deliver. Instead of another year of missing the tournament, Washington surprisingly won the Pac-10 because of the steady play of senior captain Brockman, the revival of Justin Dentmon, the arrival of Isaiah Thomas, and the emergence of Pondexter.

Romar has said on many occasions that at during the stretch run and tournament games, Pondexter was often the best player on the floor for the Huskies. Its difficult to argue as he averaged 15.4 points and 6.2 rebounds in a ten game stretch at the end of the season that saw the Huskies go 8-2 and secured the title.

Now with the departure of Brockman and being the only senior on the team, Pondexter is the unquestioned leader of a Husky team expected to challenge for the Pac-10 title once again and make a deep post season run.

In his previous three seasons it had been widely known about his extreme work ethic. Often he would stay after games to work on his weaknesses, often after a performance that Husky fans would chastise him for. But it was this work ethic that dug Pondexter out of the hole he had with Husky fans that have made him what he is today. There might not ever be a player to wear the Husky colors again that was hungrier for redemption and success as Pondexter.

“It took a little bit longer than I expected,” Pondexter said after the home game against Oregon last season. “I thought I could be a Brandon Roy as an 18-year-old kid and that’s really tough to do. But right now I’m settling into myself and it’s becoming my own little script.”

At the start of last season there was an article by one of the local papers that applauded Pondexter for his play, stating that he was underrated and that Husky fans needed to accept him as the player he was and not expect the five star recruit. The article was correct in accepting Pondexter as the player he is, but that player is now a star player who can lead to Huskies to the next step in building a powerhouse basketball program.

The long road that lead Pondexter to the point of being a star and leader may not be similar to those of a James Harden or Darren Collison, who saw team and personal success immediately in their careers. But their stories do not feel nearly as rewarding when compared to Pondexter.

“I did feel a lot of pressure on myself,” Pondexter said. “I found there were a lot of times when I would just be in my room and just wondering when it was ever going to be great here. Now I think it’s turning around into that fairy tale, and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Husky fans are loving every minute of it as well Quincy.

Quincy Pondexter is a young man looking to lead the Huskies to new heights, and that idea is a very comfortable one indeed.


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Behind The Scenes With Quincy Pondexter, Links

Surfing the interwebs for information, and stumbled across a new episode of “Dawg Dish” hosted by Johnny Durocher. The show featured a behind the scenes look with Quincy Pondexter carrying around a FlipCam throughout the day before Midnight Madness. It provides some nice footage of the team and shows just how close the the team is with eachother, a great sign for the season.

Pondexter provides some funny commentary throughout and the 14 minute run time is definitely worth it if you are a Husky Basketball fan. Find the video here.

Percy Allen wrote on the arrival of new assistant coach Raphael Chillious, someone who I have said in the past could have a huge impact on the program because of his ability to recruit at South Kent. But as Allen points out, Chillious offers a bit of coaching ability as well.

Allen also reports that there were two new faces at Husky practice yesterday, meaning that the tryouts could have produced some new Huskies. No word on who they actually are yet, but it is a good sign that they may have been able to add some players to challenge the team in practice. Especially with the flu taking out most of the team the past week.

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated has a new blog, writing on the Washington-Gonzaga series possibly being renewed. Its also where Mark Few delivered his now infamous line, “The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby.”

The Slipper Still Fits, a Gonzaga blog, had this to say about the proposal of renewing the series.

As for the proposal, you really can not blame Gonzaga for turning down the offer to play all games in Seattle. As a fan I want my team to go and play in Spokane as well, its fair and even more enjoyable to possibly go in and quiet the crowd. It makes no sense not to have a series with Gonzaga, its great for the state and its basketball. We are lucky that we live in a state with such great basketball culture, teams, and rivalries; there needs to be a series between the two top schools in the state. I’m sure something will be worked out, but the sooner it is taken care of the better.

MontlakeMadness had a chat with former Husky Jon Brockman. Weird to say former Husky huh?

As for content here, with the season approaching there should be a steady stream coming in. I’ve stockpiled some things so expect write-ups, interviews, previews often.

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Q-Walk the New Husky Anthem

Last year it appeared that the Husky anthem for the season was Soulja Boy’s “Get Yo Swag On”, now apparently the team has taken the initiative to create their own song for the 2009-2010 season. While Soulja Boy is not among my favorite artists at all, the song became a rallying cry for the team. It is safe to say this song is a step in a better direction.

Darnell Gant, Justin Holiday, and Tyreese Breshers recorded the song “Q-Walk”, apparently in honor of team captain Quincy Pondexter. Its a basic beat that have the three Husky players rapping over describing the team and the new dance move “Q-Walk.”

Now the first thing that came to mind when I saw this alluded to on Facebook was panic. Too many times have there been athletes that record a rap song there are controversial or hateful lyrics that gives the team a bad reputation. But the entire song was clean and rather enjoyable.

The only thing to take out of this is that the team is maintaining its great chemistry from last season, maybe even having better chemistry now that they have been together for another year.

Until the season starts, maybe do the “Q-Walk” for yourself. Link to the song below.

“Q-Walk” – B.F.A.M.

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Nine Man Rotation Means Someone Will Lose Out

Something that came out of the Percy Allen Q&A with Lorenzo Romar a couple days ago was that the Huskies plan on having a nine man rotation for another year. Last year Romar said the same thing and the nine guys we saw playing did indeed add up to nine (Brockman, Dentmon, Pondexter, Thomas, Gant, Bryan-Amaning, Overton, Holliday, and Turner), but this season appears it will be a bit trickier in finding the nine guys who will make up the rotation without seeing a talented guy on the bench. There are no obvious guys to sit such as a Joe Wolfinger or Artem Wallace, especially with some hints players and coaches have discussed about the development of certain players.

There are a few players who we know will be playing significant minutes no matter what, Romar even confirming that two of them are going to be starters.


Quincy Pondexter, Senior – Pondexter will be a starter and will be the leader of the team, there is no question about it. He slides in at the number three spot in the starting five and should play the most minutes out of any other player on the team.

Isaiah Thomas, Sophomore – Thomas is the only other player that Romar confirmed as a starter in the Allen interview. This is another no brainer as Thomas is the top returning scorer on the team and one of the top scorers in the country.

Abdul Gaddy, Freshman – It is widely assumed that Gaddy will be starting at point for the team. One of the top recruits in the nation in 2009, Gaddy will team with Thomas to form one of the top backcourts in the country.

Venoy Overton, Junior – Hard to believe that Overton is already an upperclassman, seems just recently I was watching him lead Franklin in the state tournament. But Overton is the top on the ball defender on the team and has played significantly since he first stepped on campus. He’ll be the first man off the bench.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Junior – Probably has the biggest potential to break out this season, and many expect him to start with the departure of Brockman.

Darnell Gant , Sophomore – The surprising starter from last season who played a significant role on the team defensively. With an improved offensive game he has a great shot to start again. We could be looking at a four year starter by the time he graduates, which I’m sure would have come as a surprise to many if you said that on the day he signed. Demonstrates that a redshirt in basketball could really be benefit for some.

Tyreese Breshers, Freshman – Last year’s redshirt will be playing often because of lack of depth at power forward as well as his great rebounding ability. A lot of buzz has surrounded Breshers this off-season from scrimmages and open gyms, he could start ahead of Gant if he puts in a good camp.

Elston Turner, Sophomore – Could have a breakout role coming off the bench, perhaps he provided a sneak preview with his play in the Purdue game. Turner has a bright future with the team and should be the primary deep shooter for the team.

Bench Players

C.J. Wilcox, Freshman – Because of how the roster stacks up it is unlikely Wilcox sees much time his first year on campus, although his ability to shoot from deep should allow him to see some more time on the court.

Clarence Trent, Freshman – Trent appears to be more of a long term project for the team as his potential is among the best in the country. But right now he sits and learns for the possibility to play some bigger minutes next season.

The Toss Ups

With eight locks for the rotation and two guys who will more than likely be bench guys, that leaves two players who will fight for that final spot in the rotation. Justin Holliday and Scott Suggs will be battling it out, and the reason why this is a difficult debate is because of how enamored it appears that the coaching staff is with the potential of Suggs and the production that Holliday brings to the table.

Justin Holliday, Junior – Having been one of my favorite players the second he committed to the team in 2007, it is tough to potentially see Holliday on the bench. While he is likely the favorite in this playing time battle, if Suggs does indeed impress in camp than he could see his role diminish. Holliday brings some of the best defense on the team, but has yet to show any offensive production.

Scott Suggs, Sophomore – Suggs was perhaps the most hyped recruit to sign with Washington nationally when he picked the Huskies over schools such as Illinois, Florida, Missouri, and Kansas. But he played sparingly as a freshman and appeared not to be ready for the college game immediately. Still the coaching staff said he could end up being an All-Pac 10 player when all is said and done, which is why it is difficult to project the final spot. But with four guards already known to be locks he will be playing at a disadvantage. His ability to shoot the deep ball should help him as that appears to be a weakness for the team with the loss of Justin Dentmon and Thomas’ questionable shooting from deep. He is all potential right now, so if he utilizes that potential in camp he will get the final spot.

The Winner

In the end most likely Holliday will come out on top, and maybe Suggs will still see some more minutes than most 10th guys in Romar’s system. Holliday just offers too much defensive ability, and may be the the guy to sub in for Pondexter at the three. Its tough to potentially see Suggs sit on the bench for another season, but it is up to him what his future and impact with the team will be.

Suggs may be tempted to transfer if he does indeed sit for another season, but his well liked by his teammates and could see a big jump in minutes in 2010/2011 when Pondexter has graduated.

With the level of talent that Romar keeps on bringing in with each recruiting class, talented guys like Suggs may receive the short end of the stick. But it is also just another sign of the talent on the team that potentially could be headed towards a Final Four in the near future.


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Thomas To Go Bald As MBA Takes Twitter Crown

Husky basketball fans got their share of Twitter action yesterday when Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning took part in a friendly competition to see who would reach 500 followers first. Unfortunately for the loser they would have to go bald upon MBA coming back to the states.

MBA proved to be too much as almost the entire Husky team took part in the Twitter battle, cheering on both sides to come up with creative ideas to entice fans to follow. Thomas offered his game worn jersey that was played in the Purdue tournament game to a random follower should he have won, with MBA offering two game worn pieces of clothing to two random followers should he win.

MBA also took the initiative to create a YouTube video pleading for subscribers.

No matter who won, it was nice to see the great team chemistry from last year carrying over. Teammates who took part in the battle included Thomas, MBA, C.J. Wilcox, Abdul Gaddy, Clarence Trent, and the Twitter veteran Quincy Pondexter.

But after the final result in which MBA won by about a margin of thirty, Thomas will be going bald.

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A Poll and Some Links

With all of the discussion regarding lineups here and on the RealDawg forums, a common talking point was the idea that Darnell Gant was a “lock” for the starting lineup. So here’s a poll asking how many of you think that Gant will be awarded a starting spot in time for the first game next season…


Jon Wilner discusses the possibility of a Pac-10 Network: Personally I would love a Pac-10 Network just because of how much I dislike FSN’s coverage of college basketball. It did improve for the Huskies a bit last season whenever Kevin Calabro was able to call games, but a network dedicated to the conference and its news 24/7 would be incredible.

Chad Ford has a story on James Harden prepping for the NBA Draft: While I could care less about the NBA, its interesting to follow some of the premiere Pac-10 players as they move on from their college career to the riches of the NBA. Ford brings up the possibility of Harden being a top-5 pick, something that seemed to be slipping lately.

Andy Katz briefly writes about the perceived “lack of star power” in the Pac-10 next year: You will be able to find that near the bottom of the blog entry, very brief. But I also wanted to point this out because he mentions he talked to Pac-10 coaches and administrators about who will stand out next year as possible first team conference players, with Isaiah Thomas and Quincy Pondexter being listed.

Pat Forde has a story on the Renardo Sidney roller coaster recruitment: Sidney was headed to USC next fall, but instead decided to sign with Mississippi State. This was one of the big news stories for USC to couple with the Mayo/Floyd scandal as of late. It was expected that Sidney would be an x-factor for the Trojans next year, but USC realized the difficulty Sidney could be and ultimately passed.

News broke that Noel Johnson was released from his LOI with USC: Just to add on to Floyd’s troubles, one of his top gets in the ’09 recruiting class was Johnson, who he enticed to come to USC all of the way from Georgia. Besides Sidney and Johnson, Floyd had already lost highly rated Solomon Hill to Arizona.

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What if Romar Uses a Three Guard Lineup?

First of all, I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day and have taken the time to remember those who fought for out country.

But back to Husky basketball…

In the comment section of the write up I did on the possible starting lineup next season, the idea of the three guard lineup being used by the Huskies was raised by a reader by the name of Paul.

Paul brings up an interesting point because, as many Husky fans know, Lorenzo Romar tends to experiment with his lineups throughout the game. While most coaches would tend to want the traditional two guards, two forwards, and a center lineup to begin the game, coach Romar could go against the grain and favor a more potent scoring lineup than the traditional lineup he could have if he started Abdul Gaddy, Isaiah Thomas, Quincy Pondexter, Darnell Gant, and Matthew Bryan-Amaning. Continue reading

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