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Bow Down… to Abdul Gaddy

Thought I would do something that would discuss each of the incoming Husky players at length, a little more in-depth compared to the Desmond Simmons write-up I did a few days ago.

I would have started off with someone who is more of a sleeper like C.J. Wilcox, but the draw of writing up on Abdul Gaddy is just too much to pass on. It would be best to get the Gaddy post out of the way just because I have so much to say about the new Washington point guard.

What Gaddy Offers Next Season…

If you were able to read my projection on the starting lineup next season, then you know I think there is no question that Gaddy is going to be the starting point guard for the Huskies next season.

What Gaddy brings to the table is perhaps the best instincts in the Pac-10 conference next season for a point guard. That’s obvious high praise for a player since he has yet to play a game at the college level, but there is some strong evidence to back the claim. Take a look at a highlight clip on YouTube of Gaddy, specifically the first highlight that is played. The first pass is a beautiful no look find, but the moment his finger tips touch the ball on a pass back, the ball has instantly been transferred on a bullet pass to an open man down low. Continue reading


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Should Jrue Holiday Stay in the Draft…

Now honestly, I do not care for the NBA in any sense after the disturbing exit of the Sonics from Seattle. Even before the exit of my hometown team I was growing frustrated with the lack of effort, style of play, incredibly overdone entertainment aspects, and many other things. I will stop short just because I could go on forever about my frustrations with what could be the greatest in the world.

One of the few things that the NBA has made positive change to was their draft requirement change, essentially forcing prospects to attend college for a year. While the likes of Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler have earned attention for going to Europe to avoid college and play professionally, overall the college game is receiving prospects such as Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose to come for a year and making the college basketball season that much more incredible as opposed to never coming.

It can be said that the one year removed rule caused for Jrue Holiday to attend UCLA for a season as opposed to heading straight to the NBA. While normally I would not update on the status of a UCLA player, the decision of Holiday to stay or opt out of the draft has a major effect on the Huskies. Continue reading

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Pondexter Invited to USA University Tryouts

Quincy Pondexter was announced as one of the 15 finalists to earn a spot on the 2009 USA Men’s World University Games team that will play from July 2-12.

The head coach of the team, Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, is going to name 12 players onto the roster out of the 15 invited.

This recognition by the USA selection committee (which Lorenzo Romar helps run) is an example of the attention that Pondexter and the Washington team is beginning to receive as it continues to build into a consistent program. The players invited includes big names such as Sherron Collins, Lazar Hayward, Robbie Hummel, and THE Jarvis Varnado (As MSU fans would refer to him, that guy was played up like the second coming of Wilt before the opening round).

Another honor for Pondexter is that out of everyone on this list, he is the only one to be named from the western part of the country. So an impressive achievement for Pondexter for being the only invitee out of guys like Tajuan Porter, Jerome Randle, and other Pac-10 stars.

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A Desmond Simmons Blast From the Past

Believe it or not, I have had the privilege of  watching Desmond Simmons play on more than one occasion.

Two years ago during a Christmas break tournament in San Diego, my high school went down to compete and had the opportunity to play Salesian in the opening round (also the final year of when Clarence played for Gig Harbor). Being the “stat rat” for the team, Coach McIntosh had me come down for the tournament as well.

Salesian had a very good team, one that would finish second in the tournament to an east coast school. On that second place team there was the skinny freshman that I remembered most from that team. When I heard about this same kid making a commitment to the Huskies, it immediately brought up the vague memories I had of that basketball game.

I remember inserting the information into the program to record the stats at the beginning of the Gig Harbor-Salesian game, and the surprise of typing in a freshman in the starting lineup for the opposing team that was stacked with seniors. Continue reading

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Post-Game Reaction: Oregon (Game 2)

This game was an obvious win for the Huskies before the game, at the beginning of the game, in the middle of the game, and at the end of the game. There was never any question that the Dawgs would not come away with the win against the hapless Ducks.

The game featured prolific scoring from Justin Dentmon, Isaiah Thomas, Jon Brockman, and Quincy Pondexter. All four are the main glue guys on the team who should be the ones producing the most, so it is nice to see all four of them scoring efficiently this late in the season in the middle of a Pac-10 title race. All four were able to score over 20 points, which may be a first in Husky history according to the stat people.

The first half for the Dawgs was about as well played as you can get. The second, err; not as much. Allowing over 80 points to the Ducks when you had allowed just over 20 in the first half is inexcusable.

Of course Tajuan Porter became ridiculous in the second, but there is still no way that Oregon should have finished with 84 points when they only scored 25. A problem for the team this year is that they have not played an effective “40 minutes of basketball” consistently, so seeing the second half struggles may be a little cause of concern here in the stretch run for the conference title.

Detmon should win Pac-10 Player-of-the-Week for his efforts. He shot efficiently, found players for assists, and nailed the long ball at a high percentage in both games. Of course Arizona is scorching at the moment, so Nic Wise or Jordan Hill could come in and take it at the last second.


Next up we have the LA area schools, and a win over UCLA would be absolutely huge towards winning the conference title. USC is losing its chance at the title after falling to ASU tonight, so a loss there would not be devastating. The Dawgs need to come away with at least one victory though. It is one of those situations where you would take a split in a nano-second.

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